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#2 Product of the DayMay 30, 2019
The city is a system, while all the issues it has are bugs. But how to fix all the bugs? CityBugs allows city authorities quickly address the issues when citizens report them. It is the citizen who knows what disturbs them and what needs to be solved.
  • Aaron Post
    Aaron PostProduct Manager

    App looks great and easy to use.


    Already tons of apps like this and cities are already paying $$$. Not seeing what makes this different from the others in marketplace.

    I have worked in this space for sometime. Is, while I love the idea you are up against some very challenging competitors who understand how to sell to government. Getting citizens is one thing (free), getting approval from city council and buy-in from local government is something else.

    Aaron Post has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    On customer level It is a tool to participate in improving your city. On government level Tool to collect and monitor user-generated data.


    Should be integrated with all the cites !

    Use it wherever you want !

    Hovhannes Aghajanyan has used this product for one year.
CityBugs is available on IOS, Android and Web platforms. CityBugs’ idea, which won the nomination for the best social startup project lets users to: � - Capture and share city bugs (problems) qucikly and easily, - Guarantee wide spreading of information within population, - Propose solutions through discussions, - Discuss bugs with city authorities. CityBugs is a systematic and efficient platform where you can report issues and track them until they have been solved. ��There are three basic stages to get an issue solved. Go to Bugs.City or download the �CityBugs app from Google Play or the App Store. � - Press on “ADD A BUG” button, - Capture and add 1-3 photos, - Choose the bug relevant category, - Mark the issue’s location on the map,�� - Add a description. Relevant state authorities can also take part in discussions by making comments,�� All the data about bugs are provided to responsible bodies. City Authorities are provided with �Admin Platform access, where they are �granted access to bugs and take control over them. More than 1200+ users, 600+ bugs submitted, 200+ solved :) this is just the beginning !
@gevorg_hayrapetian you should add a community, so people can get together and fix bugs that the government fails to =)
@tela our team is working on adding more functionality; which might lead to crowdsourcing of bug fixing. Stay tuned for updates and follow us!
@gevorg_hayrapetian Why is the app displaying an unfamiliar language when I open it up?: I'm in California and I only speak English.
@magnuson on the settings tab (bottom right icon) enter the screen choose the second like menu and choose English. The application is showing you the Armenian version of it.
UX looks nice. My city uses SeeClickFix which has similar features and seems to have a large footprint
Great idea! I hope it will help the city a lot! It would be nice to see a bug status, if it's being fixed, been reported or has already been fixed so we'll see the results of adding bugs.
Dear @araks_nalbandyan the application also shows and sends notifications about the bug status. By addressing the relevant authority, your raised issue will be processed and will be given a status: �� “solved”, � �“unsolved”,�� “transfered”, �� “in progress”. ��CityBugs allows you to track the issue and see how a �relevant authority is solving it.
@gevorg_hayrapetian That's great! will defiantly use it!
@araks_nalbandyan Dont forget to share with your friends! :)
@interesting Thank you! The platform will be localized in different cities. The growth will be noticeable soon!