Curated Boxes of Local Products from Different Cities

#5 Product of the DayApril 19, 2014
I like the idea of bringing locally produced stuff to a wider market. I saw an article on Business Insider yesterday about all kinds of cool local stuff in Washington DC. I'm probably never going to get to try it because I don't live within an 8 our filght of DC...but with City Box, maybe I could have a chance someday. Really cool stuff. Plus, you're all probably aware of my love for subscription services :)
Hi Andrew! Glad to see someone else who loves subscription services as much as we do :) Apologies for the delay in responding here. We've been super swamped and finally coming up for air to engage with Product Hunt.
This reminds me of the "city" features in the airline magazines. They always have recommendations I want to save, but I'm never on my way to the city they feature (and am not going to save airline magazines "just in case.") I wonder how much it matters if you're attached to the city. I really like mittencrate: which is all stuff from Michigan. It's not because the things in the boxes are notably better than things I could find myself, but every time I use the mustard/jam/salt/whatever it makes me think about home for a little while.
As an expat I know the feeling....
I'd like to better understand what type of products/things they'll be sending. This reminds me of Jaunt (posted by @jtriest a few months ago).
@rrhoover Citybox currently curates product (e.g. what @ellenchisa described above) AND service samples (e.g. a gift card for a beer at your local brewery). We think experiences are part what makes Citybox unique. Product samples are instantly gratifying but we think going out and experiencing great local businesses in person is just as fun! That said, we have two main types of customers: 1. Folks who want to experience a city when they don't live in that city. They won't find the service samples very useful unless they plan to visit the city in the near future. and 2. Folks who want to experience local gems in their own city. We can't claim to have this figured out yet but we're working on addressing the needs of both types of customers as we grow. Much more to come from the Citybox team :) Stay tuned to our email list and social media pages for the latest updates!
Which cities too.
@UXAndrew We've been focused on Indianapolis so far (shoutout to Indy! it's been a great place to launch Citybox) but have plans to expand in the next 3 to 6 months! Stay tuned to our social media pages and email list for updates.