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#3 Product of the DayMay 26, 2014
I did not try because, they request lots of permissions for Google. + it is a neat idea. Because this kind of products are community driven + @rrhoover How this product has 24 upvotes, by the others are still 1-2
Great to be on this list, and to see the support. Tx all! Note that we just had a major release this past Friday. You can read a bit more here: @ozguralaz tx for the comments. Understand the G+ doubt, even though in social media several have same requests as these. Great that you like the "curators" program.
@karenxcheng might be some similarities with
Seems ahead of its time - "14 of the best Android apps released in December 2014”
I tried out CircleMe because of Product Hunt and was a little disappointed. The interface is complicated, and the tutorial that follows account registration underlines this. The value of using the product is not very clear.