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Thanks @hnshah. I’m Dhaval Shah, Product Manager at CircleCI. Over 1M builds were run on CircleCI 2.0 during our beta. Here’s what’s new in 2.0: + Workflows: CircleCI 2.0 now recognizes Build-Test-Deploy as individual jobs with the release of Workflows. Users have complete flexibility and control over how each step in their process is executed. + First-class Docker support: Docker layer caching ensures fast, consistent, and accurate build results. Push/pull public and private images. + Flexible resource allocation: Easily configure your resources (compute/memory) to best fit your team’s needs for specific builds. + Language-inclusive support: Any language that builds on Linux runs on CircleCI 2.0 + Custom environments: Full control of your build environment means you will not have to worry about it being outdated or updated without your knowledge. Run CI/CD without limits or bounds. + Improved caching: Speed up your builds with expanded caching options, including images, source code, dependencies, and custom caches. Gain control over cache save and restore points throughout your jobs for optimal performance. + SSH or local builds for easy debugging: Quickly find and solve problems using SSH access or run jobs in your local environment to ensure faster remediation of issues. We’re not done building, though: looking forward to hearing your feedback and what else you’d like to see in 2.0. - Dhaval
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We are happy CircleCI customers, awesome to see all the new functionality to help build better software, faster!
@edith_h Thanks Edith! We're super excited about this release. We got a lot of beta validation with LaunchDarkly!
Excited to be the first to share what the CircleCI team has been working on. I’m passionate about building better products faster, and one of the most important ways to do that is to have a continuous integration (CI) system that is fast, reliable, and flexible. CircleCI 2.0 is a fantastic update with some big and so many little improvements to an already great product. Use it to speed up the process of shipping code to customers. If your team has been suffering on Jenkins, or hasn’t tried integrated a CI platform yet, you have to try CircleCI.
@hnshah Thank you so much for your kind words! Happy building! :)
We've been using Circle 2.0 in BETA for a couple of months now and it's been a really great experience. The ability to easily define your own build environments using Docker and being able to trouble-shoot jobs locally using the circleci CLI has been great. We've also been quite happy with the new workflows 💪 Great job @dh4vals and the rest of the CircleCI team 🎉
Hi @mads_hartmann, I am glad you like the new features on our 2.0 platform. Thank you for using 2.0 Beta and helping get the product to where it is now. Happy Building 😃
What a coincidence for Stacktical ( to be featured on the same day guys! Looking forward to adding scalability testing to a CircleCI powered CI/CD pipeline. Looks pretty badass, congrats
@wilhempujar Indeed a coincidence. Glad that you liked CircleCI 2.0. Looking forward to your feedback.