Discover new Movies and Tv shows on the blockchain

CineFlick, sources the best trailers, descriptions and reviews of all the latest and greatest Movies and Tv shows, know if you will like it or not before you watch it. On the blockchain.

Some cool features:

1) Encrypted watchlist

2) Encrypted favourite list

3) Dark and light theme

4) Trailers

5) Global playlist that you can create and share.

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Cool idea, especially handy having all reviews, descriptions and trailers in one place!
@aaronoleary Thanks Aaron for hunting Cineflick.
The landing page just has a cool animation and prompts me to sign in with blockstack. No where does it tell me why I should do so or what advantages this has over other sites.
@julianbaker Hi Julian, I am glad that you tried out CineFlick. And to answer your questions: 1) Cineflick is powered by blockstack and gaia storage. 2) Anything you save on cineflick (playlist or your favourites) is automatically encrypted and only you can access that data. 3) You can create global or public playlists which every user of Cineflick can access. 4) Support for dark and light mode. And a lot more interesting things to come..
Its a good initiative on blockstack. Pros: 1) Super slick animation on the login page. 2) Dark/Light theme sets different moods. 3) Directly watch trailers from details page. Cons: 1) Cards design could be better. 2) Some styling issues here and there.