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Andre Flores@andreflores87 · UX/UI Designer, Side-Project Addict
Would like to see live samples or template examples on the lander. Unless it is there then I cannot find it.
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
@andreflores87 Hi Andre, appreciate your feedback!
Chema@deambulando · Founder @yclascom @openclassifieds
@tom_harg @andreflores87 yeah without a proper demo...difficult :S
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
@deambulando @andreflores87 Hi Andre, Hi Chema, based on your feedback we are planning to add links to live demos of the Bloc Stacks this week, thanks for the feedback.
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
@deambulando @andreflores87 Hi Guys, as promised you can now live preview the Bloc Stacks prior to choosing, check it out at Thanks for the feedback!
Chema@deambulando · Founder @yclascom @openclassifieds
@tom_harg @andreflores87 ups, also why not preview it like we do at yclas: I think is a lot more intuitive ;)
Ashot Iskandarian@aiskandarian · Product Manager
Beautifully executed and something I've always wished to see from products like Squarespace, Webflow, etc. By far the easiest, most user-friendly (though quite limited) site builder I've played with. Great work and great execution in a rather crowded space.
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
@aiskandarian Hi Ashot, Thank you for your feedback! The Cindr you use today is basically our MVP. Our plans this year include creating many more 3rd party integrated Blocs, and also many more dynamic Blocs that will allow users to interact with the content. Simplicity and user experience is at the very heart of Cindr, we do not really intend on competing with the incumbents in terms of technical functionality. Instead we're aiming to build a simple, easy to use content publishing platform that is fun to use, simple, fast and provides great value to its users. Cindr is going to be so much more than just another 'website builder'. We have a lot of fantastic ideas we cannot wait to get started on. Watch this space :-)
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
We made a quick video to highlight what Cindr does:
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
Cindr beautifully displays your online content in customisable, stackable sections we call 'Blocs'. The lightweight, innovative user interface means it's easy to create a stunning, mobile-ready, single-page website in minutes, from any smart device. Signup to Cindr for free using Facebook or email.
Vinit JoshiHiring@vinitjoshi8 · Marketing @NewtonMail
How long do you plan to keep it free?
Tom HargreavesMaker@tom_harg · Co-Founder at Cindr
@vinitjoshi8 Hi Vinit, we plan on keeping the Free plan indefinitely, we believe anyone should be able to create a a simple website for free. Our Premium plan is currently £4.99 ($7.22) per month allows you to add a custom domain, access Premium Blocs and much more. Again this is our MVP pricing structure. We do however have plans to introduce more dynamic pricing structure later this year once we have added more dynamic Blocs, 3rd party integrations and further developed the platform.