Part sous vide, part sous-chef

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Jesse@obra · Cofounder & CTO, Keyboardio
We were in Highway1 at the same time as Cinder. It's...actually amazing. (Good enough that when @lifekaizen, their cofounder and CEO first fed me a delicious steak and asked "would you pay....", I literally pulled out my wallet and handed him cash :)
Peter Sugihara
Peter SugiharaHiring@_0_ · Co-founder and CPO at Open Listings
I tried some beautifully rare steak cooked by the Cinder team this week. If you've got the money, buy this. Congrats guys!
Gabriel Dillon
Gabriel Dillon@gjdillon · Co-founder,
I got to sample some steak made on the Cinder just earlier this week. Pretty fantastic, never seen such a thin sear with the meat cooked through just so. Amazing how tech and gorgeous industrial design can take the Foreman grill into the future.
Michael Seibel
Michael Seibel@mwseibel · Y Combinator
Amazing steak and butternut squash!
Edwin Broni-Mensah
Edwin Broni-Mensah@ebronimensah · Founder at GiveMeTap
The streak I tried was incredible!