The marvelous messenger with avatars powered by AI

- Chudo is an app that uses machine learning to turn you into animated characters that look like you, move like you, and emote like you. We call them Chumoji :-)

- You can use these characters to broadcast emotions in real time while texting with friends.

- With the in-app camera you can create videos with Chumoji and share them on social media.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hey hunters! We have launched the app today on many Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, Huawei Mate 10, Honor Play, Mate 9, Google Pixel, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5, Nokia 8, etc. We'd love to share with you the iOS version but Apple as held our product "in a review" status for over a month without any explanation. We'd be very appreciative if any of you might help us contact them directly. I can send you an invite to our Beta Version. Chudo works on iPhone 5S and higher devices. Just leave your email in the comments if you want to play with Chudo on your iPhone. Your feedback is highly appreciated!
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@gabrelyanov 😂 love that you turned @rrhoover into an avocado (amongst other things) this is super entertaining. Kim K as a cow, too 🐮
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@rrhoover @abadesi Hey! Thanks for your feedback! Did you have time to try out Chudo?
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@gabrelyanov I'M AN AVOCADO!?
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@rrhoover Do you know that avocados considered the fruit of the Mayan Gods? )
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@gabrelyanov Hey, I have the Mate 9 but the play store says my phone is not compatible :) Perhaps it has something to do with the Play Store's "SafetyNet" feature, can you please check that? I've encountered the same issue with another app that's compatible with my phone but the play store thought it wasn't.

I would definitely recommend Chudo to my friends. Especially those, who don't have an iPhone X or Samsung S9. Chumoji are amazing!


Easy to use, various characters, amazingly correct face tracking, personalisation of avatars.


Haven't found any...

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Looks really nice, especially avacado
@asmekhov Thanks! ) It's one of our favourites characters )
That's awesome! Can you describe why such technologies come on mobile devices so late? I already saw real-time face rigging at the middle of 2013, ofc, it was PC only, but 5 years is a really a lot of time.
@kirill_chuvakov Thanks! I suppose the main reason was the capacity of GPUs and CPUs for mobile devices. In 2013 Apple released iPhone 5S - the market size was very small and developers didn't want to make products for small audience. Today when we have 5S, 6, SE, 6s,7,8 iPhoneX - we are ready to bring ML based products like Chudo and share them with millions of users.