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Bringing significant push notification improvements

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Its worth noting that you can also enable more Material Design in these newer versions of chrome by going to chrome://flags and searching for "Material" (Cmd + F) or (Ctrl + F) and enable the Material design options which currently affect the downloads page, extensions page, settings page and a few others I think.
@sassigeeks awesomely handy shortcut, had no idea about that page!
Tons of updates, as well as dropping support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, OS X 10.7 Lion, nor OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The most significant change, however, is making push notifications more reliable on the web in poor connectivity environments. Of course one of the challenges of driving engagement on the web is the lack of consistent notification support, relative to native mobile platforms. With this release, it appears that the web is gaining more parity to those platforms.
@chrismessina I've never been a fan of using push notifications on the desktop because I also get those notifications on mobile from the apps that I use far more often.
@leonhitchens @chrismessina This update will alleviate that problem, with developer help. There's now also a JS trigger on you closing the notification, so services that want to clear up notifications on other devices can do so.
@leonhitchens have to agree. evenon mobile most push notifications are annoying. Hell the only app that really deserves push is email. and even there its mostly non immediately relevant information...
@kloseline @leonhitchens the problem isn't push, it's the implementations. I imagine that many developers are pretty sloppy when it comes to implementing notifications tastefully because they're trying to get re-engagement. As a result, notifications have become a new vector for annoying spammy notifications, when they can be quite useful from different apps, for different purposes. The challenge is — now that there's more robust notification infrastructure — how can we make all notifications better, more effective, and useful? What are the incentives to make app developers more savvy about using notifications effectively? And what controls should exist to both empower users while also providing fine-grained control over the experience?
So I hope this helps, but I'd much rather pushes hook into the native framework (on Mac at least). OS-level seems like the right way to handle it, potentially with cross-platform handoff. That level of consistency, like the apps we use frequently, can move this out of being a seldom-used feature.
@owenbossola not 100% sure if this is what you mean, but on Mac in chrome://flags you can change to use native notifications. Here's the direct link - chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications
@hemanth_soni @owenbossola The native notifications are a hot mess right now in Chrome... OS X notification framework needs to improve massively before they even become nearly close to feature parity with Chrome web notifications
PLEASE tell me that this release brings back the Notification Center so I can see past Cards (notifications) and most importantly, so I can "Mute" the notifications when I'm sharing my screen, etc.
Slow. Better off using Edge.