Chroma Stories

Create stunning and engaging stories with easy to use tools

Expressive templates, dynamic motion presets, unique filters, and powerful text tools to create your best story yet. Chroma Stories is the perfect photo and video editor for making your story awesome. Start creating today!
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I love the app and the service. I really always wanted a proper competitor to Unfold. Is there plans to have an Android app?
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From the ex-employees of Facebook and Instagram 📸
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Waiting for an Android version, but the Screenshots are nice.
Seems like Canva but with a hard paywall. If I were posting on IG for a living I’d consider it but as a typical value this doesn’t bring as much value, especially when considering its an extra step between your picture and posting it
Just what I was looking forward to - I've been basing most of my brands interactions on Instagram stories/FB stories/Patreon Lens for over 2 years+ now, creating my own visual templates and overlays in Affinity Designer and stitching them together in LumaFusion on mobile. Narrative design DIY. Can't wait to see what this thing is capable of. Also please include a good dose of customization instead of a preset highway that at some point transforms usage of this app into steady stream of sort of different but still very similar content.