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Hey Everyone! Chroma is a simple color picker I started building to help pick better colors. I really wanted to merge the natural color selection process we are all used to with a larger focus on the color selected. I’m hoping to add color history & copy in hsl/rgb by the end of the week. I’d love to hear your thoughts & feedback!
@spentacular this is amazing. Thanks!
@spentacular add a 'add to home screen' picture. For the iPhone users out here.
@aaronisabaer hey Aaron, I haven't added it yet because the mobile experience is definitely lacking compared to the desktop. I'm having to reimplement some features so they will work on mobile as well, then I'll definitely make sure to add an icon for that. Thanks!
Just added ability to toggle between color formats, either by clicking the color format or pressing the control key.
Really enjoying the keyboard commands and full screen view @spentacular!
This is what I had always been looking for. It's pretty simple, but the best color picker I know.