Christmas Storybuilder

Generate Christmas themed storylines for kids


Generate random storylines with Storypoints that are easy to follow. You can get a completely new storyline with the shuffle button or tap to switch only a single item.

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Allan Berger
Ankita Garg
Verena Knapp
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  • Pros: 

    Its a brilliant way to story tell


    Its prefect as it is

    For on the spot stories where the child can create and build stories in an easy to use app. Really good fun.

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  • Ankita Garg
    Ankita GargCo-founder, Enthrll Labs

    Simplicity, Creativity, No nonsense UI



    I might like to see ability to elaborate our own story and add it to some kind of community story board.

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  • Pros: 




    Can be used by a wide range of ages and to build story telling skills in a creative and engaging approach

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  • Pros: 

    Great way to enjoy creati holiday fun with your kids!


    Perhaps more variations or options.

    Great way to come up with funny, zany stories with the kids. Also, can be a new holiday tradition!

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