Christmas Storybuilder

Generate Christmas themed storylines for kids

Generate random storylines with Storypoints that are easy to follow. You can get a completely new storyline with the shuffle button or tap to switch only a single item.

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Ho Ho Ho, thanks @__tosh for hunting us 🙌 One month ago we had our international launch of Bedtime Stories here on Product Hunt. Besides an ever growing collection of stories written by authors, it’s also our mission to inspire parents to tell their own stories. Therefor we created the Storybuilder. A simple but powerful tool where you can shuffle through various storylines and generate nearly endless combinations. What you make out of these storylines is all up to you, your kid and your imagination ✨ Since we got a lot of positive feedback on our Storybuilder, we decided to make it available to everyone without the need of installing our app. We would love to here your feedback or even some stories you came up with 😉
Here is an example of a story by @michaelsokolar based on random storylines: Once upon a time, there lived a Yeti hidden deep in the woods far away from the city. A few days before Christmas, he found a lonely, very long wishlist right in front of his cave. It was an enormous letter, but this little boy named Mat didn’t wish for many things but instead wrote a lovely letter to Santa Claus about the great year he had. On this long letter, there actually was only one wish: a vintage talking robot. So the Yeti did the only thing that felt right for a Yeti - ask the old and wise deer for his advice. The deer was old and had seen everything in the woods, so probably he knew the right thing to do. And the deer really knew what to do: the evening before, he saw eight reindeer running in the sky carrying a sleight with a beardy man dressed in red - they were heading for a little hut in the depth of the forest. So probably this is where the beardy man lives, thought the Yeti, and headed to the hut. And since a Yeti never learned to use doors, he threw the robot in the only opening he could find - the chimney. And this is the story of how Mat got all he wished for this Christmas, even when Santa lost the package.
@michaelsokolar @neuling2k 😍 I am totally going to test this out on my friends' kids, such an awesome idea!
@neuling2k @abadesi Thanks so much! Have a great time and let us know you it went 🎄
Lovely! Really cool idea!

For on the spot stories where the child can create and build stories in an easy to use app. Really good fun.


Its a brilliant way to story tell


Its prefect as it is

Very cute product! :) I wish I add custom plot lines and share the story to Twitter! ❄️

Can be used by a wide range of ages and to build story telling skills in a creative and engaging approach