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I've mentioned before (here)that this use-case is where I see a HUGE potential for bots and it's awesome to see celebrities getting involved, @joshbocanegra has a lot to do with this! (pictured above with Christina) Since launching SelenaBot, Josh has had some amazing opportunities and the most recent one is working with @ChristinaMilian - the bot launched yesterday on her birthday. She did a Facebook Live video around it too The format is similar to SelenaBot, three categories in the menu are 'About', 'Work', and 'Social Media'. These cover: - Q&A's - Quiz - Listen to her music - Watch her videos - Check her stores - See her tweets/Instagram posts/Snapchats! Oh and you can get yourself an autograph too
#ProductHuntReview: @joshbocanegra is on to something here. He is leading the charge with his company, Persona, as the #1 chatbot company for public figures. He is actually the reason why we added verified chatbots to BotList to solve authenticity of official bots. https://botlist.co/bots/1345-chr...
Get out the surfboards, time to ride the bot wave