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Get amazing podcast recommendations from interesting people


Chorus is a platform to share podcasts with friends, fans and fascinating strangers.

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I have used this app every day, it has totally changed the ways that I listen to podcasts and discover new shows.


Amazing UI that gives tons of ways to discover new shows and meet podcasters


More people need to know about this app!

CEO, One Over None Productions Inc.

Been using this for over a month or so now, and the improvements have been substantial along with the practicality of not only being able to listen to specific podcast shows but the ease in discovering them has been amazing for me.


Podcasts have a central 'hub' for easy access.

Usage is simple and easy.

Creators respond and are hands on with their project


I've no cons in mind to post. Maybe minor bugs in the app but that is extremely common in any app so try it out and say for yourself!

Apps! 🤷🏻‍♂️

This app comes up in conversation all the time. Have you ever said to anyone something along the lines of "Oh, you should check out this podcast episode"? Or has anyone ever talked to you about a podcast episode and you wished they could send you a link? Now you have a way of recommending it to people!


Really nice UI, great features


Some little glitches, but nothing major

Podcaster, Radio Host, Photo Blogger

If you love podcasts and want others who share your passion for podcasts to help you discover new ones, this is a must have app! I really like the interactive features of the app and I've already discovered new podcasts that I enjoy thanks to follower recommendations


Discovering new podcasts, Interactive Platform to chat about podcasts


None since I've started using the app

Producer for the Hungry Podcast

I am a rookie podcast producer of the Hungry podcast- about food and the stories behind it. Like so many other producers, I spend countless hours making this weird, intimate, crazy medium into something moving that people will hopefully remember years from now. These hours are largely spent grinding away on a computer hoping that whatever you make will be enjoyed, shared, and responded to in some way. It's inglorious, and it can be feel like producer vs. the world. The Chorus app has felt like I have a new team member who is fighting daily to make sure my work finds ears in every corner of the globe.

Podcasting and audio has long had a sharing problem. Audio is hard to share on social media and very few people actually follow up on the "Oh man you have to listen to this podcast" suggestion. Additionally, there are people who don't even know what a podcast is! And Apple Podcast's God-awful, confusing platform doesn't make that problem any more manageable.

Chorus answers this problem with flying colors on the back of a dragon with a fire sword. I have seen my listenership and social media interaction spike every time I use Chorus' seamless "Recommendation" feature that feeds to all my social media. It allows for my listeners to comment on episodes and give me much-needed feedback. It lets me find out what my favorite producers are listening to, giving me back-door access to what inspires them. I can even talk personally to those producers on the app! It is beautifully designed and has a dynamo engineering team that is making the podcast sharing app they would want to use. I was so happy to ditch Apple Podcasts like a bad habit and use Chorus full-time. Been using it two months now and couldn't be happier. It's intuitive, it's beautiful, and it's simple enough where it is bringing in an entirely new audience that wasn't there before. It is literally a game-changing app. As an avid listener and dedicated producer, this is the platform I've been waiting for.

Getting cheesy for a sec, I see this as way more than just an app. There are so many brilliant, important, moving stories emerging from every corner of the world in this exploding medium. Podcasts have allowed for an intimate escape into worlds that aren't yours, giving you a real sensory experience from a life you're unfamiliar with. Producers package these stories and share them for the very reason that we whole-heartedly believe they can make a difference if only they were heard. Stories that can truly affect change in a time when we so fervently need it. However, we often make this work hoping and praying that people actually listen to it. Not just hoping the usual podcast audience hears it and our numbers go up, but hoping that the people who don't listen regularly, the people who really need to hear these stories get tuned in. We don't want these stories to be trees falling in a forest with no one to hear it. We want everyone to hear.

Whether or not the Chorus team knows it, they are a vital platform that will allow for more stories to be heard by more people from all walks of life. It's a vessel that could truly allow for a more intimate exchange of ideas- not just a 140 character spasm of opinion- but a real, deliberate connection with voices you've never heard. As a producer, I couldn't ask for more.

This app is built on a beautiful idea and has unlimited potential to get even better. I have no doubt this platform will be a force to be reckoned with on the world media stage.


Easy to share, easy to use, brings people in who have never used podcasts, and is simply the best vehicle to share stories that exists today


None. The app is constantly developing on a daily basis and the frequent updates are streamlining the app at a staggering rate. Great work.

Wow, I did not expect this. This is why I get out bed in the morning. Thank you

by the way, the position of loading pink dot icon would go up and down,is that a feature or bug?I use iPhone 6 plus


nice UI


not very convenient to listen subscribed channels,too many steps