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  • Alistair JonesApps! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Really nice UI, great features


    Some little glitches, but nothing major

    This app comes up in conversation all the time. Have you ever said to anyone something along the lines of "Oh, you should check out this podcast episode"? Or has anyone ever talked to you about a podcast episode and you wished they could send you a link? Now you have a way of recommending it to people!

    Alistair Jones has used this product for one month.
  • Grey KulpCEO, One Over None Productions Inc.

    Podcasts have a central 'hub' for easy access.

    Usage is simple and easy.

    Creators respond and are hands on with their project


    I've no cons in mind to post. Maybe minor bugs in the app but that is extremely common in any app so try it out and say for yourself!

    Been using this for over a month or so now, and the improvements have been substantial along with the practicality of not only being able to listen to specific podcast shows but the ease in discovering them has been amazing for me.

    Grey Kulp has used this product for one month.


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MatthewMaker@matthewkulp · Designer
Thanks for hunting us, Alex! Hey everybody! This seems like a great community, and we're excited to share Chorus here :-) We started working on Chorus to scratch our own itch - we were listening to a lot of good podcasts, but recommending them to friends was way too difficult. So we recruited a group of podcasters and listeners, and worked closely with them to design+build what Chorus is today. Right now, you can: 📻 Discover new podcasts via recommendations from listeners ❤ Recommend your favorites 💬 Chat with podcasters+listeners in communities … and we're just getting started. You can read more about Chorus and where we're headed over on Medium: We're excited to answer your questions - fire away!
Alex CarterHunter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
Hey everybody, here's a new interesting social podcast app:
alonsoMaker@alonsoholmes · Founder @
@alexcartaz thanks Alex! We definitely recognized some shared ideas when we came across Knomad :-)
Nipun Gupta@nipungupta · Veni. Vidi. VC. Podcast
As the host / producer of @VeniVidiVenture podcast, I was looking for a way to connect to my audience and also know which VC podcasts are interesting to listeners. So excited that Chorus does exactly this. I tried Breaker too, but somehow my experience was very similar to that of using SoundCloud. Hoping that more listeners start using Chorus, as in my mind this was something PH used to do 😺. To me, the design of the Chorus app and personalized recommendations really stand out and I continue to be an avid user. Highly recommended for podcasters!
MatthewMaker@matthewkulp · Designer
@venividiventure @nipungupta - Thanks for the kind words! I love your podcast. Connecting audiences with listeners is really important to us. We still have a lot to learn about it, though. We would love to share some prototypes with you and get your feedback on them sometime soon.
RC Williams@rcwmap · Co-Founder/CDIO - The HINT Group
@venividiventure @nipungupta @matthewkulp Matthew, I'm working on something to provide an actual accurate value to podcast content. Would like to chat with you.
Xuan Li@mrxuanli · Growth, Kamcord
Had the chance to play around with Chorus last week and I'm a big fan. The podcast industry has been growing quickly over the past few years but there's still no dedicated community to discuss each podcast / episode as it releases. Podcast specific subreddits or the podcast's website are the current solutions, but neither of them are great IMO. Being able to discuss with other podcast listeners or even the podcasters themselves is really awesome and seeing what other podcasts people recommend is a great discovery tool. Looking forward to future updates from Chorus!
alonsoMaker@alonsoholmes · Founder @
@mrxuanli Thanks, Xuan! We've definitely noticed that certain podcasts drive a lot of recommendations/conversation when they drop a new episode - Reply All is a big one, and The Daily has a pretty steady cadence. At this very moment, we're working with podcasters to make it easier for them to bring their listeners into in-app Chorus communities, which they're really excited about. From teasing new episodes, to taking guest requests, to getting feedback on stories and production - there are a lot of really interesting things you can do with a more direct line to your listeners. Glad you've had a good time using Chorus - there are some exciting features ahead!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Good job !!
alonsoMaker@alonsoholmes · Founder @
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!
RC Williams@rcwmap · Co-Founder/CDIO - The HINT Group
@matthewkulp Working on something to provide actual, accurate value of podcast content. Would like to chat w/ you.
MatthewMaker@matthewkulp · Designer
@rcwmap - would love to chat. Reach me at: