A tap-to-talk mobile app from IDEO

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I'm pretty excited about this. Really light-weight interactions, and a good process to onboard friends/contacts. Seems faster/easier than text messaging. (I hope they add a favorite/recent contacts page soon.) Nice job @IDEOToyLab & @IDEO.
This app feels very IDEO. IMHO, it's minimalistic to a fault and I felt a bit confused on how to use it at first, despite the ~8 slide walkthrough in the beginning. When I first signed up, I didn't have any contacts but it listed my entire address book. I was hesitant to send a message to people not on ChitChat as I wasn't sure (1) if they would receive the message and (2) how they would get it (would get receive a text message? would they perceive it as spam from Ryan?). Nevertheless, I soldiered forward (because I'm curious and it's my job to play with this stuff... right?) and sent @abramdawson a message. But after holding on the phone and releasing to send the message, it wasn't clear to me that it was actually sent. Of course, these are FTUX issues that are easy to fix and maybe I'm one of the few that had a problem with it (anyone else?). Otherwise, the app is slick and I especially like the group messaging feature.
I wonder how this will fare since this is being directly added to iOS 8 later this year. Is there something that makes this easier than that integration?
@rrhover I think that's spot on feedback. When I tried it, I was wanting for a few things just at the beginning, but I fell into the groove pretty quickly. (All seem totally doable). - Instead of the opening tips montage, I wanted to be guided through adding 3-4 close users who I might message (I think showing the entire address book is irrelevant/overwhelming). - I wanted some sort of confirmation signal once a message was sent (and possibly received). - I wanted the ability to text sometimes (so I didn't have to switch between SMS and this app to send an emoticon). @ow - good point. I found myself liking the ephemeral/SnapChat nature. I think I would probably record a voice message here, where I wouldn't in the native iOS SMS app. @lauraschultink - no idea the product roadmap, or how it's different from Voxer.
@colinraney In iOS 8 voice messages are ephemeral too, they disappear within two minutes. But, I suppose, the catch is that you can indeed choose to keep them. I know exactly what you mean about not necessarily wanting to use the built in app, though, and suspect many users would feel the same.
Wow, this is really well done.