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Hi everyone! I'm Jared, CEO/Founder of Chime! That's me and the team in the top left. We started working on Chime a year ago to create a richer, more personal way to connect to the people you care about most. The way we represent conversations in Chime is as a string tying together subsequent messages - a visual metaphor that comes from playing with tin cans & string as a child - part nostalgia / part you're so close to the person you can reach out and touch them. As the conversation unfolds, the playhead shifts to show you the next participant. You can see @rrhoover as the second person, followed by @joshelman and my friend Kelsey. The problem we are trying to solve is, at its core, one of loneliness. Chime is designed to create this “anti-loneliness” magic. In a world where most of social media helps people create a facade of only their very best moments it’s easy for us to think our lives are subpar, Chime is designed to be inclusive and lower the barrier to connect with other people - creating a comfortable environment for even our most mundane moments. There are a lot of talented people who have thought of or are working on this problem and we hope you'll send us your thoughts - either as comments here or by recording to the Chime we created for the community, which you can join by downloading the app from the product hunt link (or tapping this: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Excited!
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No love for Android users ? :( . I look forward to using it . its a good idea .everyone from Skype +Qik to Sessmic to Airtime have tried some variation of Video conversation . But I feel all of them were ahead of time . Now is the time ...with Low cost bandwidth , video capable phones , social graph and general excitement in this space thanks to Periscope and Meerkat i think you have a good chance of making it big , I like the way you explained the problem . your spin on the domain is better than Meerkat/Periscope ( not all of us are celebrities with audience ) and Its not totally random like AirTime . its conversation centric . I look forward to using it . :)
@pacificleo Hi! I’m Pratik, part of the founding team at chime. I’m hard at work building an android app, and we’re currently debating if the quality of it is high enough to release it. It's very very baseline. Not even skinned to match the Chime look and feel but it allows you to watch and record to chime. To make it match the look and feel would take me away from some of the iOS features for a month- maybe more. Hard tradeoff!
@themindsymbol @pacificleo I'd say focus on making the iOS experience amazing, then move on to making an android app that isn't just "baseline".
Congratulations @jjflex @brandonmbrock! Great to see Chime rolling out to more people. Have had lots of fun seeing it evolve. Using photos/video as a medium to converse is something folks like Snapchat, Taptalk, or Riff have taken a shot at. Clearly you guys have a fresh take — what's your thinking behind what makes Chime unique?
@dtrinh Thanks! We love those apps, use them, and look up to them. 👻  Our core hypothesis is that there's something really special about how people interact when they are in groups. The ego of the conversation shifts away from the person and more to the group - one more of belonging and less of creating content that might be seen by everyone. We think this feeling is humbling and authentic and inclusive. This not a replacement for apps that let you operate as an individual, crafting your content and your identity, but we do feel that it's a strong need. When my sister Chimes with my mom and me about her day at work - be it a great day or a crappy one - I can't help but smile. Even right alongside watching her Snap of her emerging triumphantly from the subway and scanning the NYC skyline. Riff - this app is well done. When it first came out (from Facebook, my alma mater), my heart skipped a beat, it felt similar to some of the ideas we were tackling. When Chime first launched, we described our app as "one big game of telephone". However, one of the things we learned in early testing of Chime was that the "one big game of telephone" approach to content creation felt like a bit of a party trick. This is cool, if it happens, but we didn't have a core human need to be creative at a party on a daily basis. Our most rewarding Chimes were 1:1, or with the people we were already building relationships with. That led to design decisions about illustrating the conversation as a string that lengthens, a metaphor for the strengthening of a relationship. Taptalk - <3. Speed to share to the people you care. Love this. More aligned with our vision around intimacy and inclusion. Like Snapchat, it has "bcc:", or the ability to very quickly reshare / repurpose content and send it as a "communications gift" to a lot of people. This removes friction, but that friction can mean something - it means I made a tradeoff in my day to think about you, face you, and talk to you. Snapchat - one of our biggest inspirations. One of the catalysts for the development of Chime was receiving a bunch of snaps, of which maybe 5% were people facing the camera, talking directly to me. I'm looking at you @brandonmbrock. We wanted to create something where every notification signaled that content just for me was waiting for me when that badge count went up. A conversation. This led to our design decision to keep Chime videos around until their deleted, to illustrate the back in forth dynamic of a conversation. What do you think @dtrinh?
I met @jjflex several months ago and he showed me a buggy version of Chime (at the time it was called String). It's come a long way since then and while the playful, almost over-the-top aesthetics may not appeal to everyone, it definitely sets a playful tone when swapping videos with friends. @jjarex setup a special Product Hunt Chime for those downloading the app direction from this post (deeplinking, ftw). You should see a nice welcome message that looks something like this:
@rrhoover :) this is bringing back memories of being kicked off of the facebook design team. too much snes final fantasy VII chocobo inspiration. haha. so glad to be here. thank you also @illustriousalex for helping setup our deep links. As a result, everyone who joins from product hunt will be able to see each other and comment in person.
@jjflex ha! So how psyched are you about the FFVII remake!??
@jjflex - You're awesome! Love the app and Branch is happy to be a part of your journey.
@jjflex @rrhoover Don't forget the Chrono Trigger bro...
big congrats to @jjflex and team - i've loved using Chime primarily for the serendipity it introduces - my favorite one was when i recorded a random guitar riff one sunday morning, and that turned into a big game of guitar telegram with friends i didn't even know played instruments
@anjneymidha thanks! I remember that specific Chime with you and the guitar - and it inspired a whole series of karaoke and lip dubbing Chimes. So good.