ChiefOnboarding for Slack

Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you

ChiefOnboarding for Slack is a Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you. Show items that need to be done. Show some general information. Let them know who to contact and many more!

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Hi guys! Thanks to Amrith for hunting us. We are very excited to release this new Slack app. In a nutshell what this bot can do for you: - Create new hires - Assign to do items, resources, appointments and introductions to your new hires - Show all of the above to the new hire - Show progress to the administrator - And many more! At 8AM every day, your new hire will get a heads up with the tasks he or she needs to complete that day. Employee onboarding is a crucial part of the hiring process. Doing it right is hard and complicated. With this bot you can onboard your new hires in seconds. Add tasks to them and keep track. We all know that the first impression is really important. Onboard your new hires in a super smooth way, save time and reduce costs! P.S. Once you sign up, you can add 2 new hires for free to try it out :)
Hey Stan! It's awesome idea to automate some part of onboarding process, like routine stuff. We handle such routine procedures via emails or long messages in Slack. So, I will definitely try your bot with our next hire. However, for us onboading of new person is very sensitive tasks: it should be done by human and for human. Thinks like: invitation from the CEO, introduction to the team and new hires, explanation what is our culture & mission are responsibilities of founders or senior manager. These social things make the first impression. I want to make the new person feels good and I'm ready to invest my time in this. So, it should be a balance between automation and paying real attention to the person. I don't want my new employee feels like I "don't want to waste time on him\her" and "here is a bot, who will onboard you".
@lisadziuba I couldn't agree more with you. It's definitely a combination of automation and a human touch. A lot of things should be done one-on-one with the new hire. But you probably also know that the first few weeks of their employment are super overwhelming. A lot of information is thrown at them and it gets confusing quickly. Having a bot to support your new hire with that will only make it easier for both the new hire and the person that onboards them. This bot shouldn't replace the whole onboarding process. It's more like an employee onboarding support tool.
@stantriepels yeah, agree. Maybe later you could add some educational materials for company founders to teach them combine good offline onboadring experience and abilities of your bot.
@lisadziuba something like this guide? We haven't included a part about our bot yet. Anyway this might be able to help you a bit with employee onboarding :)
@stantriepels something more "playful", like this post (they made a nice visual as examples and you just get the point from pictures + it's very brief):
@lisadziuba Good point. Thanks. I will get that going!
On boarding sucks and a lot of the current solutions out there don't make it any better. This looks super interesting. Hope it fills that gap. @stantriepels I am interested in the fact that the last picture shows a clip of a new hire querying the bot like a knowledge base. Are you all planning on tackling this space too?
@ljgrohn We hope so too! Be sure to let me know what you think of it :) It's not exactly a knowledge base, but you can use it like it. You can add as many resources as you want. Resources can include files (which are securely saved on AWS S3) and we never limit you on the amount of resources you create or want to use for your new hire. We will be focussing on employee onboarding, though, but use it however you please!
I honestly pitched this idea to my friend a month ago - guess you deserve all my upvotes for actually making it a thing!
@orliesaurus What a coincidence! It was a lot of work to get it done, but definitely worth it. Feel free to share it around :) Thanks!