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#1 in the App Store right now (h/t @gabriel__lewis): Apparently they're giving away a free chicken sandwich (h/t @freidlin): Does this violate Apple's TOS, incentivizing downloads? Confession: I've never had Chick-fil-A.
@ourielohayon @rrhoover @gabriel__lewis @freidlin No, you can incentivize downloads till the cows come home (har har). Seriously, thought, people do it all the time, and even inside of premium front-page real estate on the App Store (free in game items, blah blah).
@rrhoover you've never had Chick-fil-a 😳
Why PH must you taunt me with mouth watering chicken that I can't get in the barren cold chicken-less wasteland of Canada. My sorrow is so great I've turned to Tims to provide me with some form of solace, but its a long walk in the frigid cold to get there. I have given up. I shall look upon you Americans with wonder and awe as your meals of delicious chicken appear before you as if by magic.
@brianbest you guys have better poutine
The day just got better.
The reason it's #1 is exactly because of the incentivized offer of free chicken sandwich. It's not illegal, but it's not going to sustain it's ranking once the offer expires. I'm not sure that the math behind it makes sense though. Assuming that their cost on the Sandwich is over $1, they would have been better off just running straight up incent campaign.
@ehevich Of course it won't sustain the ranking, but they won't need it to. As per most restaurant apps, the vast majority of discover will come from within the establishment itself. This is just for a good initial viral push.
@ehevich That is assuming that everyone that uses the offer just gets the sandwich and nothing else. We know this isn't the case. I went and got my free sandwich today and bought fries, a drink and cookie. I also hadn't been there in quite some time, so it was equally an effective ad in that respect.
I think I will have a Gay-fil-A with extra napkins