Sustainable, eco-friendly period undies and menstrual cups.

Cherie is an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. We're organic, vegan and ethically produced.
Super-comfortable period undies designed with a 2-layer absorbable material to protect against leakage. Code "PHUNT" for a free menstrual cup at checkout.
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Hi everyone! I know this isn't the typical PH product, but I am excited to share what I've been working on. Some hard facts on the menstrual product industry and its effect on our health and environment: Many feminine products sold in the U.S. contain substances that are potentially harmful to our health, like synthetics or pesticides that is linked to cancer. Roughly 200 billion menstrual products are dumped into our landfills each year, and the polyethylene plastic in conventional pads can take about 500 years to decompose. A single person can use up to $11,000 worth of tampons and pads/liners in their lifetime... so you do the math! It's a lot of waste. I started HerCherie as a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative for women of all ages and all stages of life. Ethically sourced, and made of cotton and bamboo visceral material. Our product is an alternative that's not only more sustainable, but one that also combats leakage, discharge, sweat, odor, and spotting. Our panties are organic and made with a two layer absorbable technology that protects against leaks, and can hold up to two tampons worth of fluid (10 mL). Make the switch to an alternative menstrual option! We're giving away a free gift with every purchase for Product Hunt users. Cop some for yourself, your mom, your girlfriend, your best friend, etc and get a free menstrual cup at checkout with code "PHUNT".
@fllorencekwok This is really cool – great to see more products for women on Product Hunt. Congrats on the launch!
@fllorencekwok Congrats on launching! It's incredible to see how much innovation is happening in the period care space these days. Many tampons and pads contain toxic chemicals and its crazy to think how many years I spent using them and putting my health at risk. In the last few years I've enjoyed using a combo of menstrual cups and Thinx and now excited to try Hey Cherie! Just ordered some pairs and will add a review here in due course.
@abadesi Thanks so much for the support and I just fulfilled your order! Excited to have you try it. Also, same here - I had no idea the harm I was doing to my body and the environment from wearing tampons/pads for so many years. Glad to see more people making the switch to alternative options.
Hi @fllorencekwok I took a look at your site and I cannot find any certification in regards to the organic material used and ethical standards which most companies have in place. What are the benefits of using Cherie as compared to more establish companies such as Thinx? The pricing is extremely different between the two.
@lisa_kaz We're still figuring out the pricing to be honest! Its originally priced at $37, but we lowered the price for the PH launch. Thinx is catered towards the "modern women," but we want this product to be affordable and wearable for girls/womxn of all ages (13-50+). We import our materials from a cotton farm in Xinjiang and it is made from certified organic cotton fibre and ethically sourced modal fibre. + Thanks for pointing that out, we're currently working on updating our website to reflect that! The main difference is that we aim to use sustainable materials across our products, whereas that's not a part of Thinx's ethos.
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@lisa_kaz We found a manufacturer in Shanghai! I wouldn't say that it looks the same, but I can see the similarities from the front. I can update the website with a photos of the back of the product so that you can see the whole product! Feel free to DM me if you'd like to chat more about it!
Congrats on the launch @fllorencekwok! Really excited to try these out & excited to see where you take this and how it grows.
@shriyanevatia Thank you for the support Shriya!
@fllorencekwok is the code for the menstrual cup still valid? I tried to use it for my order
@bothwonderful unfortunately its not, it has already expired!