Task management & group collaboration visually illustrated.

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Hi fellow Hunters! My name is Jesse Rowe and I’m 50% of the team at Chek along with my co-founder Alex Ogorek. We’re students at Ohio State University and just like everybody else (especially college students) we procrastinate… A LOT. To not only reduce procrastination but also aid in making sure things get completed on time, we created an app that instantly allows users to visually see all of their upcoming tasks, assignments, and events. We also created a feature within the app that allows users to create a group and sync group specific tasks with other users. Both of us have been using this app at OSU for our personal tasks, classwork, and group projects. We’ve also received a decent amount of feedback so far, but we’re really interested to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think because we’ll be on Product Hunt all day and would love to know your thoughts! If you’d like to get more information about Chek visit our website at or tweet us at @ChekApp Thanks for reading, and happy hunting, Jesse
@jessetrowe I've been looking for something simple like this to manage my small design team. so many project management apps are really complex and not as visual. is there a web-based version?
@thejeremycarson We have found the same problem with a lot of other project management apps too. Making a web-based version is something we’re actively working towards, along with getting it on Android. Right now it’s only iOS, so if you want to start using it with your team now, you can!
@jessetrowe awesome! is that startup-speak for "we're gonna see how much people love this, then we'll build more"?
@thejeremycarson Nope! We want it on all platforms regardless of interest.
Looks good, and I'd like to use it, but links are broken, fb page gone, are they still alive?