You sell it. We package & ship it for $1. No catch.

Our fulfillment service will save you time & money, so you can focus on what you do best. $1 per order shipped. No packing fee. No storage fee. Just $1 per order, no strings attached!
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We have an eshop in France and we also handle fullfilment for a couple of shops around, and I cannot understand how you can go down to 1$. In our case, just the packl will cost around 1$ (and we order them by thousands and thousands). Unless you're not working with quality fabrics and in that case you will have so many returns/damaged items. Care to share some thoughts on this ?
@joseph_ayoub I agree, from my previous experience there's no way could get the pricing this low without burning investor cash!
@joseph_ayoub We use standard packaging, and have not had any issues with returns due to damage on arrival. We do allow our clients to send in their custom packaging, which most do for their company's branding.
I think that this project is only viable if more details are provided about how it plans to work. You can't just reply "Dreams do come true!" to someone asking for finer details. At the moment, I wouldn't use this as an e-commerce seller. Charging only $1 per package and paying $1000 referral fees - the math doesn't add up. I'd be scared that I ship them my stuff and then they go bankrupt in less than a year.
@_jacksmith In response to the referral fee, we do not accept all applicants. Our service is for medium to large size sellers. We approve companies based on the type of product, size, # of SKUs and quantity sold each day. Unfortunately it's not an automatic approval for every company, otherwise we would have financial issues. We make sure that we would be a perfect fit for the company interested in our services. We are processing more than 7,000 orders per day from only a handful of companies. This is definitely a new concept that prospect companies will have to wrap their heads around. We've been programmed for so long that 3PLs cost x amount and as clients we would justify the charges. However, as a company when you're selective with who is your client, you have a tighter control over the pricing. In our case we can charge $1 flat rate, and there's still enough remaining for the company to be profitable (as has been the case).
How is this even possible?!
@sim_uk Dreams do come true!
@cmwilson15 Do they come true in the UK though?
@sim_uk It could be a nightmare if your highest percentage of customers are outside the United States. International shipping for us will range from $10-15 depending on the destination, whereas it is much cheaper to ship within the United States. We are looking at setting up offices in the United Kingdom and Australia, so that we can offer cheaper International shipping rates. However, I'm not able to give you a timeline on that as it's not a simple process. I can only hype you up that one day there will be offices in the UK and Australia.
@sim_uk @cmwilson15 My answer is customs is a nightmare and the tax man always wins in this case.
LOL. This is the first time that I've come across what looks like nothing more than a scam listing on ProductHunt! Dreams come true! Here are stock images of a website! Here's a domain purchased a month ago! Here's my non-existent team! This listing is nothing more than a landing page and an outrageous claim. No serious e-commerce business would consider this as a viable option. All this does is develop distrust.
@allnick Nick, you're more than welcome to contact me direct at and I would gladly show you our warehouse that is stocked of inventory. Once we communicate via email I would love it if you took back your statement and make a public apology. As accusing something of a scam without ever speaking to a company is extremely rude and the easiest thing for people to do online. I look forward to your message.
@cheeship @cmwilson15 Sorry if you were offended. I didn't say it's a scam by the way, I just said it looks like one. If you are processing 7,000 orders per day why is this just a new website? Is this a referral program for an existing business? If you need to hand-select the companies you work with then this claim isn't correct: "You sell it. WE package & ship it for $1. No catch." The catch is you need to qualify. It also is odd that it looks like you just randomly launched this with nothing more than "a strange passion for order fulfillment". Are you running an existing business? If you have a successful e-commerce business, why the pivot into order fulfillment? The lack of clarity and transparency doesn't help. If this is indeed legit then I wish you success but I have no idea what's going on with this business here.
@cheeship @cmwilson15 @allnick Just saw this product popping up on Twitter. I think I have to agree with CWilson in that case. "Looks like one" is almost the same as saying it is one, especially because your overall tone of the post was pretty harsh against him. He offered you to take a tour and contact him, did you guys set something up and got into contact regarding this? Would love to know more!
I like morning wood better. It seems more promising to actually go down.
@andytithesis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚