Meet amazing people by sharing a toast with them

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My friend Sarah used to say: "Great toast should be remembered", and that's kind of true I guess. Anyway, now you have the opportunity to raise a glass with anyone in the World. Send your selfie to a total stranger while raising your glass 🍻, and get his picture in return. There's a major update on iPhone ; the new Android version is coming soon... We've made this app just for fun (no ads, no business model...), and since the app is pretty new, you've got a 50% chance to cheers with someone from the crew :) So who want to share a toast with me? (since it's Monday morning, as Julie said, let's start with ☕️)
@jerome_dumont This should be a lot of fun - I like the ease of the three choices --- and it's a good motivator to get more drinks - which I think is a win win
Happy Monday! So I know it’s a bit early in the week but here is Cheers. I hunted this app 2 years ago ( and the concept was really fun and they recently updated the app with a new design and functionalities. 🍻 So it’s prettier than ever and you can now react to party selfies. The concept is still the same, share an ongoing party and cheers with friends and strangers, even from far far away. Note that you should be worried if you can use this app on a Monday morning... but maybe you could have a coffee party. ☕️
This concept seems pretty odd to me. I'm not sure why I'd want a stranger to have a picture of me?! What benefit is there of that interaction? There could easily be the Chat Roulette problem too, how do you police what types of pictures get sent and who receives them?
@bentossell Well, that's true, it's useless, but it's fun :) For now, it's just fun to send a picture and getting one back from a complete stranger while you're both having a drink. Late on, we'll ad a chat, so you'll be able to chat with the people you've raised a glass with. About the content of the pictures, we moderate them to avoid the chatroulette effect.
@jerome_dumont but if you plan to have a lot of users how will you be able to keep up with managing every picture sent through the platform? When you have both sent a picture to each other, can you continue to send pics to the same person? Or is it always completely random?
@bentossell people can report an abuse directly from the app, so we can still (post) moderate it. For now, it's completely random, but the next step is to be able to cheers with the same person (+ ability to chat with)
@jerome_dumont yeh I think people would want to re-send a picture to the same people... I still don't understand sending a selfie to a random person but I guess I'm not the user you're after 😛
@bentossell I'm not a "selfie guy" either, but some people are ^^ Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback Ben :)