A simple service to present designs to clients

CheckYourDesign allows designers to easily create a presentation page for their projects.

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Here's a link to a presentation of the product using the product itself:
Great job !! 😊 Can this be used by non designer?
@ayush_chandra Of course! It can be used for all kinds of presentations.
Your landing telling nothing
Hello everybody, this is the first version of our WIP project! We would appreciate your comments and feedback to help us create a better tool.
Hey Ismael, Does this offer anything that InVision doesn't? (i.e. link sharing and commenting)?
@jbpdempsey Hi Joe! The greatest value of this first version is simplicity. An easy tool focused on a single function, only resolve one problem: Present designs remotely. It doesn't pretend to be a complete suite and large environment like those that already exist. Thanks for feedback ;)