Checklist for iMessage

Collaborate on a shared todo / grocery list

Collaborate on a grocery list, chores list, list to prepare your holiday or any other checklist. Simply create lists, share them via iMessage and start ticking off items together. It's now easy to be organised and get things done together.
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There are a lot of iMessage stickers and games available. That's fun, but as a productivity nut, I especially like apps that make our lives a bit easier. We created this checklist app to have an easy way of creating a shopping and chores lists for the family. Hope you like it!
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Great idea! I don't use iMessage, but wish there was an app like this for WhatsApp.
@boaz_vd_ent Thanks! I wish WhatsApp would allow third party apps..
Hey Niel, this looks really great! 🙌 Just out of curiosity how do the reminders work? Does it send a message to all members of the chat or to the specific person requesting the reminder?
@calum Thank you Calum. The reminder function will send the checklist in the chat again. So all group members will be notified, and it's again available at the end of the chat.
Such a cool idea!