Checkbot for Chrome tests if your website follows 50+ web best practices that boost SEO, speed and security. Effortlessly test 1,000s of pages in minutes: uncover broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, performance killing redirects and more. Free while in beta! Try Checkbot now and share your feedback. πŸ˜„

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This is awesome @seanw_uk πŸ™Œ What features are you planning on adding soon?
@amrith Thanks! πŸ˜„The big recent new feature was the ability to bulk export all the report results in CSV format in one click. This helps people share their audit results with their teams and makes it easier to create your own reports. I'm looking at building on this by adding direct uploads to Google Sheets as well as being able to generate easy to share summaries in PDF format. In terms of adding more rules/guidelines, I want to add checks for Twitter, Facebook and structured data tags. Please let me know what features you'd like to see!
Very useful tool! I liked the concept of letting us check the PRO Version for free during BETA!
@sromana14 Thanks! Let me know what you think because the beta period is all about gathering feedback and understanding what people want.
genial! it is capable to check hole your site and generate a good audit about the state of your site is, congratulations!
@fmourelle Thanks, that's a good summary of what Checkbot aims to be. πŸ˜„Instead of only letting you check a single page at a time, Checkbot aims to give you an understanding of the health of your whole website in a couple of clicks.
How is it different from lighthouse extension ?
@vishaldwivedi9 The big difference is Checkbot crawls entire websites as opposed to checking a single page at a time so you can track down more problems with less effort. πŸ˜„The whole Checkbot interface is designed around helping you hunt down issues that impact groups of pages and pages you didn't think to check. For example, you can test 1,000s of pages in a few minutes to find duplicate title/description/content issues and root out pages with broken links and invalid HTML. You'd miss issues like these checking one page at a time.
Damnnnn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ the chrome extensions are just getting better and better. This is a very clever implementation. I’m excited to use it
@codecamcode Thanks! πŸ˜„I'm interested in making a Firefox version as well. Checkbot isn't tied to Chrome specifically but I want to get the Chrome version out of beta first.
@seanw_uk nice! What do you think the Pro price will be once you guys aren’t in Beta?
@codecamcode I'm still open to suggestions on this. There's a form you can fill out in the extension to give feedback: I want a pricing model that's reasonable enough for typical web developers that also supports further development. There's lots more features and tests that I'm excited to add. πŸ˜„