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As someone who doesn't have checks, but occasionally gets asked to pay with one, this is a wonderful solution to use as needed.
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@nivo0o0 Yep! Digital Checks are great because you always lose your Checkbook right when you need it the most. We have 3 Free Checks every month for individuals so it's free for the casual user. Signup and drop some feedback! you can send a few sample Checks without signing up here:
@nivo0o0 Yeah, I haven't used cheques since the 90s. I was asked by an American business to pay by cheque recently and couldn't believe that they still used them. When I asked for their account number so I could do an eletronic funds transfer, they acted like I was trying to steal from them. The only people that still use cheques here are the same people that refuse to use ATMs because they don't like talking to machines
@nivo0o0 @sidsriramoju Three free a month for the casual user is the best idea ever....That is about how much I will use this app...MAYBE once a month....So clutch, thanks for offering this service!!!
@nivo0o0 @rossdcurrie Do you believe at some point this will become obsolete entirely ... 10 more years?? Nevertheless, handy in the meanwhile.
@nivo0o0 @rossdcurrie @thegaryma Checkbook will get obsolete in 10yrs in the same way Twilio getting obsolete with SMS or many other services trying to find a product-market fit in legacy businesses. If Checkbook moves all these check senders/receivers to its digital platform - the concept of "check" will disappear and open up so many new possibilities.
Hi PH 👋 PJ here from Checkbook, thanks @Naval for hunting us! Believe it or not, people are still using paper checks in 2017. We created an online interface so that you never have to do this. Simply fill out the name and amount, add the person’s email address, and they’ll get a check they can deposit instantly right through email (no more going to the bank to cash it). We’ll be here to answer questions throughout the day. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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Wish I could have used this months ago while writing out 30+ checks a week for payroll. None of the services I could find actually worked, this is 💯
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@nickabouzeid @ryanstu89 does ACH only and for those vendors that don't have ACH info or don't provide it sends our paper Checks for $1.49/each. With there is no need for paper Checks since Digital Checks cover both ACH as well non-ACH Payees. Additionally, the issue we have solved is recipient onboarding of new payment systems - to get paid through PayPal, you have to signup to PayPal. Same goes for Venmo and the same for's ACH payment network. That's not true with Checkbook - the recipient does not need to signup at Checkbook to get paid. No signups & No app to download.
@nickabouzeid Why not just setup an automatic direct deposit through your Internet banking?
@nickabouzeid @rossdcurrie Depends on the use case. If you are trying to pay someone you need their bank info to setup ACH. You may not have that info - they may not be willing to share it. Or, you simply have too many people you need to pay which makes it inefficient/costly to acquire that information for each customer. If you have the capability to do ACH thru your bank free of charge - go for it. If you don't have the bank facility, or don't have the ACH info for the Payee, use us.
@sidsriramoju That sounds like a horribly broken system (US Banking I mean, not Checkbook). Here, a bank-to-bank transaction is essentially free, covered under your monthly allotment of electronic transactions (typically unlimited for a $10/mo business bank account, or free if you maintain a balance). For employees, a BSB (branch) and account number are provided at time of employment. For other payees (ie, other businesses), the details are provided on the invoice. For reoccurring payments you just save the payee's details, and can even schedule the payments in on a regular basis. Electronic funds transfer typically takes < 24h to complete. It blows my mind that the US banking system is so far behind a country like Australia, but at the same time kudos for doing your part to modernise it, I guess!
Brilliantly simple idea. My favorite kind. I tell you, that @naval guy really knows how to pick'em. Congrats to @GerritHall and the team.
@naval @dharmesh Thanks Dharmesh, we constantly draw our inspiration from your fine work building HubSpot!
Checkbook is awesome as a B2B payment system. I'm implementing their API with the help of Sid and allow my customers to pay me via ACH right from our system. The benefits over doing a bill pay from their bank is that customers can initiate a payment on their own from our platform, don't need to wait for me to send them an invoice. In comparison, using API to receive money requires you to pay a basic monthly fee + an API monthly fee + per ACH fee. Dwolla is also more expensive for receiving ACH payments through API integration.