I am sonia 👩‍💼, Indian 🇮🇳 chatbot for Coupons and Deals

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To get coupons, please enter shop name 🏬 like ‘ paytm ‘ OR . ask to us like ‘ i want paytm coupon ‘. or select from below suggestions



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Best way to get the most of the available money saving coupons in market today instantly with out any time consuming web search.
Jiss JoseMaker@jiss_jose · Co-founder
@vinod_varma Thank you
Satee John@satee_john
An awesome bot to find the best coupons for all kind of online shopping. So fast and accurate :)
Jiss JoseMaker@jiss_jose · Co-founder
Vipin Prasanth@vipinprasanth
Sonia, the chatbot is warm and intelligent. Sometimes, humourous as well. You will get your answers properly.
Jiss JoseMaker@jiss_jose · Co-founder
@vipinprasanth Thank you, life without fun is like a day without SUN 😉
Francis Shibin@francis_shibin · Layman
This seems pretty cool feature.~ I was planning to buy a phone from Amazon. Do you have a discount coupon for Amazon? 😃
Jiss JoseMaker@jiss_jose · Co-founder
@francis_shibin Thanks, usually Amaze don't have coupons, but they have good deals
An easy way to get reliable coupons via Messenger. The bot is funny too.
Jiss JoseMaker@jiss_jose · Co-founder
@hussainp2010 Thank you