Use Faceboook Messenger to gamify your customer loyalty.

#2 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2018

Gamify your customer communication with chatbots and loyalty rewards.

Use your Faceboook Page and Messenger to provide a unique experience for your customers.

* Leverage #1 mobile app, all your customers already have

* Automate customer engagement - drive sales with loyalty offers

* Communicate with your customers using the most effective channel


  • Nabeena MMarketing for SaaS & Travel

    Slick and easy to use


    Nothing so far

    Such a cool tool for businesses. I've seen huge brands like Nike use chat bots to drive comms with their customers but their solution always seemed pretty basic and meh. I think adding something like a scratch card element makes loyalty a little more fun - could totally see this growing into a complete loyalty suite. Perfect for small businesses too who already use Facebook to promote deals.

    Great work!

    Nabeena M has used this product for one month.
  • Ross DaviesManaging Director

    Simple to install, increase in ROI, free to start with


    None so far

    So far so good, installed onto a few clients sites who run shops/hairdressers and other small purchases sites, targeting through fb is a no brainer for their markets but using ChatWhale has made them different to their competition which is ace! Also been an easy sell as its free to start with until they get more numbers. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. 10/10 so far!

    Ross Davies has used this product for one month.


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Nabeena M@nabeenam · Marketing for SaaS & Travel
Nice work Ian! Love the concept - are you looking to grow the types of gamification tools businesses can offer? i.e. Stampcards as well as scratchcards?
Ian NaylorMaker@iannaylor · CEO, Brellaco
@nabeenam yes this is effectively a beta launch. We've been working on this product since last year. We've created a base for lots of different types of engagement, but were keen (impatient) to get something out, to get some feedback on where our customers would like to see it go... From your perspective, what would you like to see...?
Nabeena M@nabeenam · Marketing for SaaS & Travel
@iannaylor ultimately it would be great to see some kind of points based program where if a customer tags themselves at the business location, shares a photo, adds a review etc they can earn points - initiating the chatbot to update the customer on no. of points they have and what their next reward might be!
Ian NaylorMaker@iannaylor · CEO, Brellaco
Some great suggestions @nabeenam I love it! I can see our dev team is going to be busy from some time to come. The next update we were going to add was around incentivising sharing of offers, to aid organic growth... Would you find that useful...?
Nabeena M@nabeenam · Marketing for SaaS & Travel
@iannaylor would that work with your scratch cards? Allowing customers to try again if they share your business page for example?
Ian NaylorHunterPro@ian_naylor
yes @nabeenam thats the exact use case we had in mind to start with. So a business could have low odd of winning, with a few retrys only, then earn more retrys by sharing to friends etc. Do you think that would be useful for your business?
Izaak Crook@izaakcrook
Hey, I love the idea of gamifying our customer engagement, but what controls does ChatWhale have to automate this?
Ian NaylorMaker@iannaylor · CEO, Brellaco
Hey @izaakcrook - thanks for the question! ChatWhale allows you to automate the whole process. First you can add content rich welcome and greeting messages, as well as add messenger persistent menu's, to link to your most important content. Secondly, with the loyalty scratchcards, you can set the number of plays a user can have, the win ratio, how long till they can play again, as well as automating sending re-engagement messages to users, when they can play again! Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.
Soulscape@tosoulscape · Soulscape
Hi Ian, can you use this tool to push out offers to all your existing Facebook Page followers?
Ian NaylorHunterPro@ian_naylor
Hey @tosoulscape - thanks for the question. Yes ChatWhale has full broadcast function, so you can send to all your users, or you can create groups and send just to them. Messages can also be scheduled and sent out at later date/time.
Soulscape@tosoulscape · Soulscape
@ian_naylor music to my ears!
Cecille Grey@cecillegrey · Cecille Grey
@ian_naylor @tosoulscape ha! Was totally thinking the same thing when I read this.
Werner Geyser@wernergeyser · Growth Marketer
Looks really sleek, going to give it a try!
Ian NaylorHunterPro@ian_naylor
Thanks @wernergeyser would love to hear your feedback, its still early days for ChatWhale, so you can play a part in helping form it!
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Nice work Ian :) What was the inspiration behind building this?
Ian NaylorHunterPro@ian_naylor
Hey @daviswbaer thanks for the question. It was really born our of frustration from one of the other SaaS business I run, where we wanted to provide a fun customer engagement experience, and not being able to find one. Do you think this is something you would find useful ?