Earn quick money by testing chatbots for makers πŸ€–πŸ€‘

ChatPay is a bot for Messenger that connects you with makers who will pay you for beta testing chatbots.

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29 Reviews4.8/5
Thank you @neerajt4 for Hunting Us! 🌟 Me and @yogesh_kothiya have been building Bots for a while now. πŸ€– While Building bots, we faced this problem of testing them in real world. There are no communities or tools that can be used to efficiently test chatbots. With ChatPay you can enroll yourself to the Bot Tester program and you will get a notification when a bot is ready for testing. After you have tested it You receive the Payment. In short, it's just another easy way to make a quick buck! πŸ€‘
@neerajt4 @yogesh_kothiya @techsushant nice work. We were doing something similar with our BotList bot where bot makers would submit their bots to us and we would send them out to our audience for reviews. One difference is, we weren't paying out to testers, but using a leaderboard. Well done. Be sure to submit to BotList.
@neerajt4 @yogesh_kothiya @sethlouey Thanks for the feedback! Already Submitted to @BotList :)
@neerajt4 @yogesh_kothiya @deleted-639224 hi MAKER , i am interested about your product , i am willing to help you with your bot testing.
Excellent thinking. Great way to develop and train a bot properly and rapidly. Amazing.

This is a MUCH needed product in the bot world!

With the number of bot builders growing exponentially every day, I'm sure this product will rise to popularity very quickly in the bot space.


No tools like this currently exist in the market; Involves consumers who might also benefit from the bot (while getting paid)


No cons so far!

Wow this is genius. I have bots I could submit too.
Will be helpful for beta testing for a lot of enterprises. The problem when people creating ML based bots is the lack of appropriate data to improve the performance. This product will give incentive for people to chat with the bot which inturn will generate huge training sets for developers/enterprises who are always on hunt for testers and qualitative data.