Live chat your web visitors directly from Slack

Chatlio is the first and best app to let you talk to your website visitors and users directly from Slack. Setup takes less than 1 minute and provides you with a chat widget to put anywhere you want on your site. Visitors to your site then can instantly chat with you from your site and you and your team respond directly from Slack.

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I discovered Chatlio a few weeks ago when I was looking for a web chat that doesn't add a browser tab or an extra software layer. Since my team uses Slack, I was craving to have the chat come directly into our Slack. Lo and behold, I found Chatlio !
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Maker here, happy to answer any questions! We built Chatlio out of our own needs/wants at first and now have opened it for everyone.
@jeberly dude I love your product. Make it a bit more responsive when we are offline please.
Added to my Live Chats Widgets collection:
now this is neat!
Also, would love to see intercom do this or you guys do this for intercom in Slack.
@ashmotamedi We definitely have plans to add more features very soon around marketing automation. eg. we are currently working on a javascript api allowing you as a developer to open a Chatlio widget anywhere on the with any message you want. For things like "User listened to podcast, now ask them how they liked it". We incorporate our customer feedback into the product as soon as we can.