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#3 Product of the DayMay 11, 2016

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Hey everybody - Dmitrii from Chatfuel here – thanks for your great feedback and upvotes! We very much believe in the bot future (just like probably many of you). Started on Telegram about a year ago and now have more than 150K chatbots created, today rolling out to the Messenger. We want to enable anyone with no programming skills or servers to build bots, that's why we strive to make it very simple, intuitive and visual. Lots of cool features are available right now: customizable AI (just like TechCrunch bot, integrations (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc), content collections, broadcasting and many more. We host your bots and the service is free. We are working hard on rolling out more features and would love to hear your feedback on what's missing. I’m personally very excited to interact with all of you and hear what use-cases you have in mind and answer any questions you may have! Feel free to reach out to me personally at or P.S. Check out the video on how to create your bot in less then 10 minutes:
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@ddumik @chatfuel Very cool! But how have you survived this long with no monetization? Do the custom bots for the big brand publishers provide enough to keep the lights on? I'm always afraid of building on a platform that is free with no paid plans.
@ddumik @chatfuel Super cool. But what about the support ?
@costayolo @chatfuel we are well funded and plan to monetize later on via providing additional optional paid features.
let me know if any detailed questions
There goes my weekend... but when I login and select tutorial bot - it gives me an error 😭
@bentossell Same here.. Is there anyone who can help us started quickly? May be @ddumik can help. There are few issues with Facebook integration ( submission to be precise )
@bentossell Hi Ben, hope you'll enjoy Chatfuel on your weekend. :) Sorry for the bug, already fixed! btw, check out our tutorial video:
@ivan_zamesin Thanks @ivan_zamesin !! Successfully created a chat-bot.. Loving it so far. Have to create a screencast of sample chat convo for FB app submission. Will keep you posted with the progress.
Great product. I have started to play with it yesterday and i was managed to complete 65% of my bot in few hours - really intuitive and easy to learn. I really loved the option to broadcast a message to the users (though scheduling one didn't work). Chatfuel also helped me register my bot (saving my hours). this the second bot developing platform that i have used so i have something to compere. keep the hard work!
@urieli17 Thanks, Uri! Please keep sending your feedback so we can improve and we have exciting new features coming soon!
Great service so far. The support is mega reactive !
I enjoy using the constructor. Of course it has some bugs, but your team fix them super quickly. Really enjoy the level of your support.