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50+ bot templates you can use in one click on your website

Introducing 50+ Chatbot templates that you can use for your website in a single-click. Now you can make your websites more conversational and interactive with

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Hello Makers & Hunters, It’s been 4 months since our first public beta launch on ProductHunt ( We got a lot of feedback from our first set of users and this helped us improve our product. Now is proudly powering over 1000 websites. In case you are wondering what is "", here is a short intro - is an interactive chatbot that collects data from your website visitors by asking pre-scripted questions - 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. When a user completes a conversation with the chatbot, you will get an email alert (or a webhook). Over the past one month, we have been trying to figure out the best way for businesses to use our chatbots. We studied over 500 different websites and learned their workflow. In the process, we realized that adding an interactive interface to their website can really turn the tables for them. So we started working! And today, I am very happy to tell you that our team has developed over 50 chatbot templates that you can use for your business. It is just a one-click process. You choose a template you like and you use it. You can change the conversation and add the chatbot to your site in minutes. Now you have to put zero effort into creating chatbots for your website. We’d love some feedback and we are ready to answer your questions Cheers!!
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@shyjal Absolutely brilliant! I just tested out a couple if them and it makes it super simple for people to create a flow - well done!
@shyjal is amazing. :)
@shyjal @niteshmanav Thanks Nitesh. That means a lot coming from you.
@krishnade Thanks, Krishna. Our aim is to help every website owner add an interactive interface to their website. With your help and feedback, we can get there.
@shyjal is there any template for travel companies?
This is Awesome! & Brilliant! , always gives more and more nice features that we needed. Love 😍 the new 50+ chat templates. You guyz are rocking.
@salman57sk1 Thanks a lot, Salman 😍 We are committed to building a better conversational experience on websites. These templates will ease the pain for a lot of people.

I love it so far, and even though that's on its early stage it's already ready to provide value to real businesses without any issues.

The templates are really cool to, as it gives you ideas to start a wide variety of projects.


easy to use, nice UI and it's really fast


it's hard to make complicated workflows

Very useful! I'm starting to work with chatbot software and it is a pain to start planning a conversation from 0. Thanks and looking forward to seeing new conversational templates!
@jabadhid Yes that's the whole point. If you need help with chatbot building, Write to me at I will be glad to help

A lot of people would love a chat bot but dont know where to start. These templates can (and should) be adapted to your business. Never worry about what to type again! All you have to do is edit and add your own voice. I love how easy these templates have made chatbot marketing! Thank you :)


Love that there are templates that make life easier!


You have to adapt them or they will all sound the same. This applies to all templates