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Chatdog makes it easy to create new chat rooms or join subreddit chats.

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Jesse Fornear
Jesse FornearMaker@jfornear
Hey Product Hunt! Chatdog is a fun project and I'm excited to release it into the wild! Here's how it works so far: • Visitors to are automatically added to the rooms 'Lobby' and 'r/rarepuppers' • Easily join or create new rooms. • Rooms are public by default. • Subreddit rooms with 'r/' in the URL include a feed with posts and a condensed chat. • Clicking or tapping on reddit posts or images will open the thread on reddit. • Copy a room link to share with friends. • No phone number, email address, or app download are required to join a room. • Anonymous usernames are dog breeds (Anonymous Pug, Anonymous Yorkipoo, etc.). • Registering a username is free with an email address and password. • Chats bundle together by user and timestamp. • Most links will include an Open Graph preview. • YouTube links will include a video player. • No chat history. • Type `/help` to see the list of commands. • Type `/darkmode` to toggle Dark Mode. Register your username and join the Product Hunt room! Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've seen a bunch of attempts at location-based chat and the only ones that have gotten traction (afaik) are focused on a very specific use case (Grindr to find a partner/hookup) or audience (Yik Yak with high school students). Curious what use cases you're imagining or already seeing, @jfornear. P.S. Flashbacks to Popcorn Messaging w/ @popcorn_ryan and @Nivo0o0
Jesse Fornear
Jesse FornearMaker@jfornear
Chatdog is more inspired by AOL Instant Messenger where you can easily start new public chat rooms and share them with friends or people online with similar interests. E.g., or are public chats that took 2 seconds to create and are easy to share! Our cities are shared interests and it seems broken to me that there’s no chat for San Francisco. It’s super cool to be seeing rooms get started for London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Dubai, Delhi, Jakarta, Sydney, Tokyo, and other cities around the world! EDIT: I will de-emphasize the location-aware aspect—I agree that people generally don't want to chat with strangers outside of dating.
Patrick Dugan
Patrick Dugan@doog · Product Designer, Quora
If nothing else, I sure do like that dog icon. ☀️s out 👅s out.
Jesse Fornear
Jesse FornearMaker@jfornear
@doog thanks Pat!
Josh Hubball
Josh HubballHiring@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
GroupMe type use cases also come to mind - coordinating with friends and family around a specific event or decision - except this is way more lightweight. Love how easy it is to start a new room and share.
Jesse Fornear
Jesse FornearMaker@jfornear
@jhubball chats with friends and family will be easier to setup with private rooms which will be in a future release. Thanks for taking a look, Josh!