Stop Chase from taking your right to sue – no stamp needed.

Maintaining your rights as a consumer shouldn't require jumping through hoops. Take a look at what we built to help:
Chase's contract update stops cardholders from taking them to court. To opt out, you must mail a physical letter. This site does it for you.
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Hi Product Hunt: You might've seen news on a recent move by Chase to prevent cardholders from suing ( We teamed up to make it easier to opt out and want to know what you think. To answer some questions we've gotten in the past: • The site has already helped over 1,500 Chase cardholders • The security for this is something we take seriously – while we have to ask for an account number (because Chase requires this to go in the physical mailer) – we don't store that or any other data any longer than we have to, except your email address if you give us explicit permission; data security is provided by Very Good Security ( • We rely on the ESIGN act, under which an electronic signature has the same legal validity as a physical signature ( • None of the entities behind this expect to directly profit from it. We are all looking for visibility around this issue for one reason or another. HM Bradley wants your awareness of it as a friendlier banking option; Radvocate wants to be your go-to for future disputes against big companies; I won't speak for DoNotPay but they typically seem to be looking to automate legal processes whenever possible
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while I don't plan to join a class action lawsuit, this move from chase rubs me the wrong way and I appreciate a quick and easy way to deal with it




have to give SSN

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Hi Tiffany, glad you used the site! Just one clarification: we ask for a Chase account number, which is required by Chase for their arbitration opt out procedure. We never have asked or will ask for an SSN.
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I didn't opt out, but now I am more aware of my options and rights. Good information about this topic is on the radvocate site.


helped me learn differences between class action, small claims court, and arbitration.


opting out of the arbitration clause may not actually help me very much in the event of a dispute

Love this! I hate how anti-consumer Chase and other banks are Can you expand this to include opting out of my personal info being shared? I recall even doing that was painful and one of the options was to mail in a letter
putting my personal information and credit card numbers into a website seems like a bad idea, no?