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Hi Everyone, Founder of Visme here. Our mission at Visme is to empower non designers to communicate visually in form of Presentations and Infographics. As part of our ongoing goal to empower visual communicators everywhere we decided to release a major upgrade of our charts and graphs by releasing 16 new types and a slew of extremely useful customization settings so you can translate virtually any type of data including: - Line and Mekko Charts - Scatter Plots and Radar Charts - Rotate Pie and Doughnut Charts - Pyramid and Funnel Charts You can create as standalone charts, or add to your Slide Deck or create reports and infographics. Import Live Data: Not only can you manually input data, but you can also upload from excel and connect to live data from Google Sheets. This means on every Publish, Share and Download: You can publish to the web, make your charts private between you and your team, embed to your site or blog and of course download for offline use as JPG, PNG, PDF and even HTML5! Moving forward, the core team is committed to releasing additional chart types and formats as well as a slew of other data visualization upgrades. We'd love your help to further improve and refine our charts and graphs. Please take it for a test drive and let us know what you think. It's Free to sign-up and use the basic version. If you want to upgrade contact me for a deep discount code :)
Visme is an all-in-one visual content creation tool that also includes a newly revamped chart engine that allows visual communicators to create fully customizable charts, graphs, reports and infographics. Go beyond traditional chart-making tools by adding other graphic elements to tell stories with your data. Choose from thousands of icons, hundreds of fonts, color presets and dozens of report templates. There are over 16 chart types to choose from, including data widgets to visualize single units of data. Import your own data or pull live data from Google Sheets. Share your graphs online, make private or download for offline use.
Hi Product Hunters, One of the advantages of using Visme to create your chart and graphs is that you have more freedom to customize the look and feel of your visuals, in comparison to traditional tools such as Excel. You can overlay other chart elements, such as lines, arrows and data explainers and tap into a library of thousands of high-quality vector icons and shapes, which you can use as direct labels on your visuals--in place of the common legend. Let us know if you have comments or chart requests, as we will be rolling out more innovative chart styles in the coming months.