It’s impossible to test a scheduled action for a future time, isn’t it? With Chargebee’s Time Machine, a first-of-its-kind tool, you can test and visualize your subscription lifecycle, and billing workflows. So your real configurations work exactly as you want them to, and won't embarrass you in any way.

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Thanks everyone for checking out Chargebee Time Machine! I'd love to answer any questions that you have about Time Machine or Chargebee. We built the Time Machine for ourselves when our own developers needed a way to test their code. We needed an easy way to hurry system time, so the scheduled operations work as intended. We’ve been using the Time Machine internally for a while and our developers absolutely love it! We thought this would be something that will be very useful for people integrating with Chargebee as well. We’ve been surprised by so many of our beta customers using Time Machine to test business use cases, train employees and so much more.
This will be great for when we make any changes and want to test them out. Available to all customers? cc @anishdeena @jmsatheesh
@anishdeena @jmsatheesh @srikrishnang Time Machine is available for everyone using Chargebee 😊 And yes, as an existing customer, you can use Time Machine to simulate any changes to your billing configurations and before any new changes to the integration.

Have used Chargebee in my previous startup and have also recommended to our customers. One consistent thing about Chargebee is thoughtfulness of features and super-responsive customer support.


Super simple setup and crazy good support



What kind of actions can we test on the Time Machine?
@nivasravi - You can test if your trial customers and being converted to the right paid plans and proper invoicing happens. - You can test if the right transactional emails are being sent to your customers. - If you want to charge all our customers on the same date, you can simulate how the transition would work. - If your customers don’t want to receive multiple invoices, you can setup consolidation rules and test them with Time Machine And much much more...
Cool idea :)
@daviswbaer Thanks Davis, hope you give it a spin 🙂