Ask questions during videos

Ever wanted to post a question in a middle of a video? Just like raising your hand in the middle of a lecture or a lesson?

Charcha wraps videos so you can ask questions, and have discussions on top of videos

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That's really nice, congrats! Reminds me of the time based comments on SoundCloud. Have you thought about implementing the same idea as a Chrome extension for YT or Vimeo? Also, tutorials and video lectures should 100% default to using this ๐Ÿ‘Œ
@razgraf Thought on making a chrome extension, but figured it is better to start with a standalone webapp. maybe in the future :)
This is a great idea, I'm surprised something like this wasn't implemented by Youtube etc before, congrats on the launch!
@yonatan_b I love it. Is it possible to setup private charcha links to restrict who has access? I am in the K-12 education space & would love to use this in a classroom but *ONLY* see the comments/questions of those in my classroom.
@ghundermark Hi, this is something I intend to develop. would love to hear more how can I make it to work for you
@yonatan_b I think a unique class code and/or private link would suffice. All staff & students have google accounts so that aspect is already good to go!
So someone has to be "on call" to answer questions any time? Like a live chat?
@nathan_relles no.. the point is that the discussion will be asynchronous, meaning you can ask and answer anytime. a notification system will be implemented soon, so you will be able to see who answered to your questions
It's a distraction, isn't it?
@marcy_coin umm you can always use youtube if you don't want to be distracted.. but if you still want to use charcha you can toggle off the questions bubbles that are on the video