Organise your links into neat channels

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@johnmurch Thank you John! Working on the HTTPS, hope to have it sorted out soon :)
I've started using this myself to organise links (mostly all the great ones I come across on product hunt but don't have time to process/review straight away). The UI is pretty nice and clean, and the ability to share links is quite handy when sharing topic areas with teams/friends. The only thing I found it missing was the ability to share your entire 'home' area (including all sub channels) but they assure me this is in the pipeline!
Hey, Great stuff and congrats. One quick suggestion - allow for HTTPS as I was saving a few sites and noticed it didn't work. :)
@jasondainter we will also be aggregating public channels from the 'home' profiles, enabling discovery by topics, people and keywords. This will be live at the end of the month!
ah good! thanks @ninazavr