Cently for Slack

Paste any product URL into Slack to buy it automatically

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Hey all! Cently lets you purchase from hundreds of retail stores right from inside Slack. He takes care of the entire checkout process, including finding and applying coupon codes. Just use his buy command by messaging him the url of the product you wish to purchase. He'll run you through the steps to get setup and then take care of it for you. Once you two get acquainted you can start getting a bit more intimate by specifying things like quantity, size, color, shipping/payments nicknames right in your message. Using a bit of NLP he'll decode it and this makes for even less work for you! If you'd like to try Cently (and get yourself some FREE stickers), without adding him to your Slack team from the get go we've setup a demo team -- which doubles as a place to discuss Cyber Monday deals =) Just request an automated invite at: http://cybermonday.chat/ Looking forward to the questions and feedback.
@mmezzacca what e-mail address does CentlyBot use when ordering on my behalf? I have made a few orders and haven't received any e-mail confirmations yet. It never asked me for my e-mail so I assume it is using whatever slack has on file for me, correct?
@jmacias Jaime, awesome to hear you made some purchases!! It should ask you for your email when you first enter your shipping information. Do you remember entering an email when you setup your shipping address?
Sweet product. Would be nice to see clients for other platforms (Facebook chat, Google Chrome extension, etc).
Very cool chatbot. We need more innovation and experimentation in conversational commerce.
@mmezzacca - Nice work! is there a full list of shops that this supports? How do you handle storing data and filling out forms?
@jmacias Hey Jaime! Thanks, and great questions! We are working on a full list of sites and a creative way to implement it -- since there are so many a full list would be quite long. For now we are just telling users to try any product url. If it isn't a support site, Cently fall backs automatically to just telling you if he thinks there is a discount code for that website/item. As for the data storage and filling out forms, we have tapped into the APIs from TwoTap to handle the heavy lifting here. TwoTap allows apps (like Cently) to securely pass e-commerce information to retailers and facilitate transactions on behalf of the consumer through their robust APIs. They store everything in a PCI-compliant manner and so we don't need to store or touch any of this information. Some basic FAQs here, we'll be adding more and adding details: http://support.couponfollow.com/...
So cool. Does the bot remember your card info so you don't have to keep it on file and then ask you if you want to use the card on file?
@forestrgood Hey! Yeah, that's an important feature. You only need to setup your account information once and then Cently will ask you which you'd like to use. Obviously you can add or remove shipping/payment information later on. Important to note also that if you specify the information (shipping or payment nickname) in the message itself, Cently will pick it up so you don't have to select it. This is what's shown in the demo.