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🛠 Census is the most flexible data automation platform that syncs your data warehouse with Salesforce, Google Sheets, Customer.io and more! Get your go to market teams on the same page by sharing the same customer data. No engineering favors required.
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Hey all! Something new I've had a part in helping launch today: Census. The team's been super diligent getting us to this point. I'm proud of them and was thrilled to join in March to collaborate. The project got my interest for a couple reasons. First, the interesting whitespace they found in what first appears to be a crowded market of helping folks get data plumbed to the right places. Second, and even more importantly, this is such a smart and nice group of people to work with. We're all here if you have questions about anything. Why we're making what we're making? How we build businesses? What we've done to handle the change to fully remote work? How we like our eggs? (You've seen the Gordon Ramsay video , right?)
Our team has been one of the lucky early customers of Census and it’s been really helpful as we scale our data operations at Clearbit. Our growth team can now build a shared data model with calculated attributes of our customers and publish it to a variety of tools like Salesforce, Customer.io, etc. Super awesome.
Kudos on the launch, @natekontny! I've seen the pain points your solving with this. It gets especially messy as companies adopt more tools for specific functions/needs.
@rrhoover thanks brother! Hope you’re well and our paths can cross again in meatspace soon :)
That’s a pretty impressive set of initial customers. What sort of problems are you helping them solve?
Thanks @brunowong! We were actually inspired from solving this problem at early days at Dropbox. Companies with freemium user bases have a really strong advantage in getting initial usage inside a company because the barriers to adoption are so low. And as more people inside a company start using a product, it has its own internal viral growth mechanism. This is great for creating more individual accounts, but as a product, you actually want those businesses to start adopting more enterprise features. It turns out it's really hard for folks on the sales and marketing side to get a sense of which companies are good targets. That usage data is really easy for a PM to see in analytics, but that doesn't help Marketing create a targeted campaign or Sales chase high priority leads. That's where we come in. We work with Figma and Notion to help them take all of that individual product usage and give their sales and marketing team a much better idea of where the interesting adoption is happening!
Hi Nathan, great product. I am actually working on a project right now where we want to make data from different sources available in our CRM. What is the difference between Census and a tool like Parabola (https://parabola.io/)? Thanks and good luck!
@patrick_gebhard1 Boris from Census here. Sounds like your project is right up our alley. Please feel free to reach out directly anytime. Which CRM are you using? As for your question – we definitely play in the same space (transforming and syncing data) though I think we're different in a few ways. For example they focus on a canvas + drag & drop approach whereas we go for a (simpler I daresay) tabular approach. Our CRM connectors in Census are also fairly sophisticated so you can customize what gets mapped vs. over-written, created vs. updated, etc. Finally, our system is designed to live on top of your existing data warehouse (if you've got one), which means you don't have to wrestle with multiple sources for each workflow. Overall though, I'm just excited for both our products to help companies do more with all the data in companies' systems!
@borisjabes we are using Freshsales