Censored iMessage Stickers

Bad words bleeped. Photos pixelated. Secrets kept.

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Brb, going to confuse a bunch of my friends on text.
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Hey Hunters! We love how stickers let us break the 4th wall—that's why we created this pack. Don't we all have something in our texts we wish we could block out? Let us know what you think!
@bradmahler haha this is great! love the simplicity and creativity. Does Apple provide you any kind of usage stats on the sticker packs? So you can measure which stickers are being more than others? Since sticker packs have zero code in them, i'm trying to understand how we can monitor usage of the sticker pack. In addition to usage of individual stickers, does apple provide installs/uninstalls as well?
Beautiful. Does anyone know of a way to remove stickers after they're placed, or is it simply not possible?
@juanbuis Yes! Tap and hold on the sticker, and from the popup choose "Sticker Details". When that view opens, swipe left on the sticker to reveal the Delete button.
I love this. Freaking brilliant.