Cayenne Clothing is a shopping experience designed for busy men.

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Hey @michaelsacks, Can you tell us more about why you created this and what kind of guy has enjoyed it the most?
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Michael, one of the co-founders of product hunt. We created Cayenne Clothing because we want to make dressing well easier for men! Traditional clothing retail outlets are designed to be overwhelming and maximize revenue. We believe that many men don't want to search for good clothes; they just want to see great stuff. Cayenne is designed to save time and minimize buyers remorse. Companies like Stichfix are trying to solve the same issue as Cayenne. Unlike Stichfix, Cayenne has no monthly fee and let's you decide whether you want the product or now. Feel free to give Cayenne a try, there's no harm in checking for 20 seconds :)
Great job!! 😊 Looking forward to this coming to India ,lots of scope here
Thanks @ayush_chandra! I don't know when we'll be coming to India, but I'll be sure to post on here when we do!
Masculinity is a prison--but hey, you can at least look good trying to escape the prison!