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Catsnatcher is an Amazon product ideation and research tool that analyses thousands of Amazon niches to pinpoint high-value, low-competition areas. From this starting point you can then start to examine opportunities and needs within that niche closer and develop a product based on the wants/negative reviews in that market.

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Hey Product Hunters! I made this new thing called Catsnatcher. Here's the problem I had and the solution I thought of: 🤔 Problem Catsnatcher was created because I was looking to get into Amazon Private Label selling (custom new products) earlier this year. I found other product research tools useful for when I had an idea I wanted to research, but I’m not terribly original, so pretty much everything I thought to search had already been crowded out. Also other tools focused on single listing-level metrics rather than showing me the stats for an entire niche. So what do I want? As all Amazon’s data is public (including indicative sales levels via BSR), I figured there should be a way just to absorb everything, categorise it into niches and use this to find the best possible options rather than starting with a guess. 🛠 Solution I soon realised that there are so many subcategories aligning to different products - the perfect way of structuring listing data to product ideas. I decided to take all Amazon’s data for each of these 40,000+ categories and analyse it to show how profitable, competitive, scalable each of them are. It covers all metrics from profitability, sales levels, reviews, listing quality all the way to how many variants and accessories niches have. The beta is stored in a Google Sheet to allow for simple sorting, filtering and searching of metrics. There is a tab with all the subcategories and one with the top item listings within each for when you want to dive deeper into a niche. Let me know what you think! 💖 Thanks to my Amazon Private Label friends who egged me on, big shout out to Ria for posting and everyone else who helped in any way!
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@d12zy Awesome idea, dizzy! Just a thought on your monetization model though: 60$ seems like a high price to pay for a content we can't check the quality. Maybe a subscription based membership would be more benefitial for you and your users? Or was the price barrier intended as the focus here is on niche products?
@tttiiibbbooo Thanks Tibo :) I understand your point about checking the data quality initially; perhaps I could provide a limited sandbox of data to show what I've collected and how it works before people commit? $60 is for two months access and in the post-beta version I intend to increase that $30/month as it will be easier and much faster to use and have additional features. Still not sure if I'll bill monthly or quarterly, though...
@d12zy Got it. Sandbox sounds like a great idea! I got to say I still don't get the limited 2 months access as it looks like an incentive for people to extract as many links as they can for 2 months and not renew the subscription afterwards. Anyway, it's exciting as I can see many opportunities to protect both your funding and the data you collected in terms of monetization and product design (algorithmically curated weekly lists of links, commission-based pricing, freemium and premium accounts, etc...). Can't wait to see where this goes when the app comes out!
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@tttiiibbbooo Thanks, I'm excited to see where it goes too :) So far I had implemented view-only on Google Sheets so that things can't be pasted out, but I agree that I still need to crack the code on proper incentives. The curated weekly list of links is something I hadn't considered selling so thank you for that; could be interesting!
@dizzy what did you use to scrap all that data?
@dizzy @andreupifarre Just messaged you with details on the technicals. I'm not a big fan of scraping.
@dizzy @andreupifarre @d12zy Could you also message it to me? Thank you very much. I have bought your dates minutes ago.
@d12zy I think this concept has some potential but like many great ideas some never see the light of day. I make my bread and butter with amazon tools and know most of the owners of Amazon tools out there. You have put this out of the reach of many people. Make it a monthly subscription tool and port it over to a chrome extension. Make people fall in love with it before they open their wallet. Its tough to turn a dime with Amazon tools believe me I know but at $95 for with no trial you are shooting yourself in the foot.
@therealmavridis You might have read my mind - watch this space in a month or two 😎