Cat Street View

Explore Japan... as a cat.

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Explore Japan as a friendly feline one foot off the floor. This is strange and I'm not sure why it exists except for my own amusement. Happy Friday, internet.
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@rrhoover the internet is weird, Japan is weird...seems like the perfect match 😜 (both, please don't change!)
I'm really feline this...although it seems only fit for one purrpose. I could see myself being whisked away explurring the supurrior sites of Japan in absolute pawe. Anyway too much procatstination for one day. Need to cat nip it in the bud meow. Product Hunt team are all too aware that I was going to do this. Cool product :)
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This made my morning. I am having so much fun right now. Meow! 😻
This should be "Glasshole Kitty Street View" :-)
I'm going to Japan for the first time this November, so this couldn't be better timed. If only I were a cat.
@jackdweck You're going to love it there! The trains are super confusing though but Google Maps will be able to assist with that. Enjoy