Cat Bods

Cats love boxes and this box makes them look good!

Cat Bods is a photo booth for your cat. Simply put it is a 12 X 12 cube featuring four images: a flexing male bodybuilder, an astronaut floating in space, an Egyptian sarcophagus, and a chef with baby arms.
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I love this. Is it possible to buy it with the cats included?
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@dkb868 We tried to include a rescue kitten with every purchase but I guess there are "rules" against shrink wrapping animals into boxes. Maybe 2.0 :)
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Cats looking good. :))
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Lol. Brilliant. Hey, @syswarren. You might <3 this.
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I have been pitching this project for years now and it has finally found its home at 30 Watt. I am so proud to see it come to life and hope you enjoy.