StumbleUpon for Podcasts

CastUpon is a beautiful way to explore the expanding world of podcasts.

  • Abbee Sambo
    Abbee Sambo• Founder Airchat - chat with Airpods

    Eveery recommendation is awesome


    Bookmarking would be great. (I know, early days)

    Really massive gamechanger in podcasting. truly love it, you just have to try it

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  • Pros: 

    Easy, beautiful


    Would like a button to submit new podcasts

    If you like podcasts, you’ll love this

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Hey guys! I built CastUpon in a single day, and essentially acts as my personal list of bookmarked podcasts. I'm adding more podcasts daily, and new features such as categories (design, tech, business, etc.) as well as an interactive grid to intuitively browse all available podcast episodes. Feel free to drop any questions or feedback below! Much love and happy podcasting 🎙✌🏼
StumbleUpon lives on! Great stuff
@gregisenberg Ha! Will def use 5by as some inspiration for this as well. Much love Greg!
Very cool! Love the clean design 😄
@harowitzblack Thanks Ben! I appreciate that!
wow! I love the simple and clean design and the idea of going to a link and just hit play to some nice podcasts. Idea: would be great if we could also recommend podcasts there. :D
@corina_stirbu Hi Corina! Definitely will be adding that shortly! I appreciate the kind words 🖤
@traf woop woop! Looking forward for the update!
Reminds me of Swell Radio, a startup Apple acquired in 2014, but obviously with less personalization (at least for v1, @traf!?). 😃
@rrhoover Ryan! Been a long while man hope all is well. I suppose it's along the same lines! Definitely a very mature V1 haha. Would love to add some sort of personalization soon.