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Oisín PrendivilleMaker@prendio2 · Supertop
We're really excited to introduce Castro for iMessage today as part of our 2.1 update. It makes sharing episodes even more convenient. - Easily share recently played episodes with your friends and family - When you receive a recommendation from someone else add it to your queue without leaving the Messages app In Castro, you don’t have to play an episode that you receive immediately, subscribe to the podcast, or wonder where the episode ended up. Instead, just add it to your queue and it’ll be there when you’re ready to listen. We spent a lot of time iterating through designs during the two year-long development of Castro 2. One of the key decisions we made was to centralize all playback around the queue. This is unique among podcast apps and forms the foundation that allowed us to make an iMessage App that can sensibly queue received episodes. I look forward to hearing what people think of it.
Jose Luis Santos@joseluissantos
@prendio2 downloaded and it does not show in imessage apps
Oisín PrendivilleMaker@prendio2 · Supertop
@joseluissantos have you upgraded to iOS 10?
Jose Luis Santos@joseluissantos
@prendio2 Yes upgraded to IOS 10. installed the Castro imessage and it does not show in imessage when I went to recommend a podcast
Oisín PrendivilleMaker@prendio2 · Supertop
@joseluissantos If you tap the App icon next to the message field and then the four ovals in the bottom left Castro should be in the app drawer. If it's not showing you can tap the + icon, then switch to the Manage tab and turn on Castro from there
Jose Luis Santos@joseluissantos
@prendio2 It worked when I went to manage and clicked the button. Thank You It works now
Oscar Swanros@swanros · Software Engineer @ CloudApp
Whoa! Didn't see this coming. Will definitely check it out, congrats guys! 🎉
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
I don't understand why sharing a nicer looking link to a podcast is worth paying $4.
Oisín PrendivilleMaker@prendio2 · Supertop
@elizabethhunker Just to clarify, $4 is the price for the entire Castro app… if you search for "Castro 2" on Product Hunt you'll see it does a lot more than share links… this iMessage app is included for free as part of the main app
Troy Petrunoff@troypetrunoff · Director of Content, AngelHack
I really like this idea. Much more tangible then just verbally recommending episodes.