A simple and beautiful way to hide running applications

Casilla is a simple tool that hides and unhides all running applications.

Casilla takes care of clearing away window clutter by hiding the applications you're not using, it helps keep you distraction free and focused on the stuff that matters.


- Minimize all windows with one click

- Hide Applications from dock

Please feel free to leave suggested features or issues!

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Hey @zeusofcs, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
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@zeusofcs @jacqvon Yes please ! I do not quite get the difference with a regular ⎇H (plus H)
Hi @josselinco, the difference is that to use the regular ⎇H you have to click on the desktop to make active for the shortcut to work. I developed Casilla to help make it easier for new Mac users who have no idea the shortcut exists and allow users to easily hide running application from anywhere. Note: I'm developing a new feature that will display a list of all running applications and will allow you to select what application you want to hide.
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Hi @jacqvon, Casilla is a simple tool that allows users to hide all running applications with ease. The users can verify if all apps are hidden by checking if the box is empty or not. This a great tool especially if you don't want to minimize each window one-by-one or if you want to clear your workspace temporarily and focus on something else.
That’s a nice app! However i wonder if there is a feature on mac to hibernate unused running apps after a certain period to save memory.
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@mbalkini thats a great question and idea, I will definitely look into that!
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Great job!! 😊 Any plans to get it to Windows 10? 😊
@ayush_chandra great suggestion, I will definitely seek into that!
How come your windows on the second picture look so sleek and minimal ?